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Feb 14, 2008 09:21 AM

Mexican food in West Hollywood?

Any suggestions for casual, inexpensive, good Mexican food in the West Hollywood area? I love Baja Bud's (on the westside), and am looking for something closer to me...

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  1. Frida in Beverly Hills or Gardens of Taxco on Harper just north of SM Blvd. are above average. Others in that greater area might include El Coyote on Beverly, El Compadre on Sunset, or for Tex-Mex you could try Marix on Flores just north of SM Blvd., just up from Gelsons.
    Taxco and Frida are beer & wine only, the rest have full liquor, although Frida might be close to getting its full licensing soon.

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    1. re: carter

      Yes, please don't be fooled by the "margaritas" on the menu at Taxco. They do not taste like anything you or I would consider a margarita.

    2. I recently spent a week working in WeHo and the inexpensive eats are chains or lucky hits -- Carney's on Sunset has good chilidogs as burgers and a free parking lot, Astroburger on SM Blvd. is overpriced, and there is an In-and-Out just east of La Brea on Sunset, technically over the border. When I posted a question about a hole-in-the-stripmall taqueria it turned out the food was passable but they were charging close to $3 per taco! I don't get but understand Marix and the like -- you are paying for a party but care about WeHo convenience and vibe rather than truly good food or fine service. Scene over substance.

        1. re: Ciao Bob

          good soups and albondigas here.

          1. re: Emme

            Good everything I have ever eaten there, yet not all that Weho convenient, yet also not that far away, but definitely more of a fast casual environment rather than sit down for the evening. Love that Chile Relleno burrito!

        2. Los Tacos, Pinches (I haven't been here, but it's gotten pretty good reviews).

          Close by in the Farmers Market/Grove there's Loteria Grill.

          1. The food at Loteria Grill looks great (and smells great) but the tacos aren't that big and for $2.85 each I didn't try them. Marix is always too crowded. I like El Coyote the tacos and enchiladas are good and a few "scratch margaritas" make them taste all the better. Benitos on Beverly (near Fairfax) is inexpensive (limited menu and no booze).