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Hello all you lovely people! I was wondering if anyone can recommend any decent buffets in the VA/DC area? If you know of any Chinese buffets that would be perfect!

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  1. Not Chinese, but Minerva is a really good little Indian place with three locations in VA (Fairfax, Chantilly, and Herndon) - they have a buffet.

    It was great for me since when I went I had never tried Indian food before, I got to sample a ton of things I would never have just ordered off a menu.

      1. Not Chinese but on the weekends Heritage in Dupont Circle has a wonderful Indian lunch/brunch buffet. I always stuff my self silly when I go there.

          1. Sangam Indian restaurant (on the corner of Glebe and Washington Blvd in Ballston) has a very good weekend buffet for about $12.

            1. 2 recs in NOVA: The indian place in shirlington (Aroma i think??) has a great lunch buffet during the week. not sure about the weekend scene. Also Paradiso in Franconia has a to DIE for brunch/lunch buffet weekdays and weekends that has the usual breakfast suspects plus omelet bar AND pasta bar where they make it for you when you order. the salads and prepared dishes are great too as are the desserts. reasonable too.
              In DC, although it isn't a buffet, i highly recommend Tony Cheng's mongolian BBQ. The ingredients are top notch (really fresh veggies and lean meats) and it is CLEAN. The atmosphere in there is quite nice too. The rolls they bring you are so good and the jasmine tea is tasty. It's all you can eat at dinner and one bowl at lunch. Not sure about teh lunch price but i think it's about $18 for dinner.
              One other option, i think it's still there -- there is a Brazilian steakhouse in Bailey's Xroads that has a wonderful salad bar with some hot dishes on it too and they bring meat around on skewers to your table. I don't know how much it is now though but it was a fun twist on the buffet theme and tasty. All you can eat.

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                The name of the restaurant is Malibu Grille, there is another location in Fairfax. Dinner buffet is a lot more expensive, but I heard they have more variety. Lunch is pretty good, with at least 4-5 different meats and decent side dishes.

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                  Just a note to the original poster (unless Malibu Grill is very different for lunch) that the buffet section is salad things, starches (rice, beans, and potatoes mostly) and usually a stew sort of thing. The main course is meats brought around by servers. You take a piece of this or that when something that you like or want to try comes around.

                  I'd go to Malibu Grill for dinner every couple of months until I decided that it wasn't really good for me to eat all I could eat (particularly of what I ate all I could eat of there). It never occurred to me to go there for lunch. Maybe I should give it a whirl again. Whenever Malibu was mentioned around here, it was always followed up by a stream of posts about how the other local currrascarias had such better quality meat and greater variety that it was worth paying nearly double Malibu's price. I never "graduated" though. Malibu was always good enough for me when in pigout mode.

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                  Malibu Grill also gets a vote from me for a reasonably priced churrascaria. There are other more expensive churrascarias that probably have a better selection, but Malibu Grill offers something for everyone.

                3. The new Tyson's Buffet in Rockviile, MD is one of the best Chinese buffet in our area. Huge variety, great price, and pretty tasty.

                  Todai in Fair Oaks Mall is also good--fresh sushi, salads, hot dishes -Asian items desserts

                  Hee Been Korean BBQ & Buffet is great in Alexandria, VA.

                  1. raaga indian on rte 7, near col. pike crossover (next to old joe's pizza and pasta, and near duangarat). great tandoori chicken, tikka, ctm, saag, naan. always a couple of veg dishes. killer carrot chutney! 10 bucks weekdays; 12? weekend. saturday has lamb, sundays have fish/salmon, also. (or vice versa, don't sue me) man, now i'm hungry.

                    buffet is lunch only, to my (great) chagrin!

                    btw, their boti kabob is just stellar! and achaari chicken, too!

                    and never a better deal on lamb chops, i'll vouch!

                    chef is formerly of bombay club.

                    plus, free and easy parking in their own lot!

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                      I've been to Raaga 3 times and found the variety lacking. Aroma has a bigger selection, though it may not be as good.

                    2. Hee Been without a doubt

                      6231 Little River Turnpike, Alexandria, Va 22312


                      1. Il Mee for Korean BBQ buffet on Little River Turnpike in Annandale. The cooked food side is just OK, the sushi pretty good but the kimchee side and the BBQ is quite good. Good service as well. Great soups.