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Feb 14, 2008 09:13 AM

Ray's the Steaks Menu Recs


Will be dining at Ray's on Saturday for the first time (of course, assuming I get there at 4:30 to reserve a table...), does anyone have any recommendations on what to order? I know the menu changes but I'm sure there are a few things they always have. Thanks!

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  1. The NY strip with the mushrooms, cream sauce and blue cheese is oh so good. I think it is called the NY Strip House Special.

      1. I go for the plain old 20 oz. New York Strip, medium rare (lightly charred).

        Also, be sure to try a cup of the crab bisque. It's amazing.

        1. I like their scallops and shrimp. Their wine list is quite nice and desserts are yummy. Very tender scallops.

          1. The crab bisque is stunning and extremely rich. I'm very fond of their hangar steak, while my husband raves about the simplest preparation of the NY Strip. The smoked salmon appetizer includes generous portions of several types of caviar.