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Feb 14, 2008 09:01 AM

Katsuya or Geisha House?

We want to go to a 'trendy' sushi restaurant, which would you all prefer, Katsuya or Geisha House??

From the pictures Katsuya looks all brightly lit--is that how it really is? Or is it more dim at night?

And one more question, what is the dress like at Katsuya? Is it casual or are most girls in dresses?

Thanks for the help :)

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  1. geisha house is better between the two, altho the food pretty much sucks for both. katsuya in encino/studio city (the original) has better food but no atmosphere, of course. geisha house is dimly lit, looks loungy and def feels like a "night out" whereas katsuya is trendy but like you saw in the pics it is brightly lit. beware if u go to katsuya- i ran out from the bathrooms screaming (scary-as-hell-mirrors). if u're looking for "trendy" and not necessarily good food, how bout koi or katana??

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      DO NOT LOOK STRAIGHT INTO THE BATHROOM MIRROR AT KATSUYA!!!!! I didn't think the food was that bad, but I would never go into the bathroom by myself again.

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        I've never felt a need to go to Katsuya before, but now I am overwhelmingly curious about the bathroom mirror.

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          It's the ladie's room....don't know about men's.

    2. Both are very trendy although Kat-suya Hollywood is the scene right now. Be prepared to spend a lot of money and get a lot of attitude in return. The food at both places are very Japanese fusion but the sushi is fresh and good. Since it's LA, jeans and a nice shirt (and maybe jacket) is fine for the men and same for the women but since it's trendy, dresses and/or cute tops should do the trick. Go to either place at least once just for the experience. For my money, Ike Sushi on Gower is the best sushi in Hollywood.

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        i've only been to geisha house, but i must respectfully disagree with ExtraCheesePlease's assessment that the sushi is "fresh and good."
        the sushi is almost passable at best. this is not a place to go for food.

      2. I would say Katsuya (I'm assuming you mean the new Hollywood location) is much trendier than Geisha House. It's been a few years since Geisha House was a hot spot. Since the only reason to really go to Geisha House was the scene, it definitely wouldn't be my choice now.

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          One advantage of Katsuya on Hollywood and Vine is that you could also check out the adjoining S Bar, with its Philippe Starck interior and some interesting cocktails.

        2. Can we get a third option?

          Maybe somewhere with good sushi?

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            Trendy plus better sushi would be Katana for me.

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              I haven't been to Katsuya, but if Katana has better sushi ... then WOW, katsuya must really be bad.

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                i've just never been wowed by katsuya, just a personal opinion. katana to me embodies the trendy (which hollywood katsuya has i know), but i've found to be more consistent in terms of combining trendy w/ japanes/sushi. if i were recommending for a traditional sushi dinner, i would do so very differently.

          2. At least with Katsuya you chance getting good sushi. The vibe at Geisha is cool, but the food has always failed to impress me.