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Feb 14, 2008 08:50 AM

Expensive Steakhouses like KO Prime

Had a celebration dinner at KO Prime last night and left disappointed. I thought the celebrity chef steak house might be different than all the national chains but was wrong.

Started with Lobster Bisque and Tuna Tartar and both of those were tasty and well presented. The Muse de Chef was an interesting salmon ceviche. The bread was quite average.

We did strip steak and filet mignon; both medium rare. The steaks were $40 plus and we had to add the sides (a steak house irritant). The frites were perfectly cooked and quite tasty and well presented. Both steaks came with a specific sauce or topping. We don't actually recall what they were but the fillet topping had a pickled taste that surely detracted from the meat. The strip steak came with small whole onions. Frankly, we've had better steaks for $15 at Longhorn Steakhouse at Fenway.

The desserts as well good; sort of. The carrot cake had a ginger ice cream that was awesome but didn't really go with the cake. The chocolate bread pudding was interesting but not phenomenal. At these prices, I expect everything to be excellent.

Lesson learned. For steaks go to Longhorn and do celebratory meals at a more inventive place.

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  1. Sounds like you were not sure what you ordered (sauces on the steak) or that you asked your server about it before ordering. Silence is not good, ask questions about your selection. As for comparing it to Longhorn, the steak quality's are totally different, I'd suggest trying another 'better quality' steakhouse as KO is not my fav. Also, yes the sides are separate but will easily feed two, that's life at a chophouse.

    1. A steakhouse that serves Prime beef undercharges for the steak and hopes you get a side. That's the formula.To go by the standard restaurant markups for fine dining, your entree would cost about $100, were you to order a Prime new york strip. That's why steakhouses get 12 bucks for a salad. The high prices for appetizers and sides help to subsidize the astronomical cost of the beef.

      If you are happy with Choice beef - and most people are - then the Longhorn is fine. It's actually the same steak you'd get at KO Prime - USDA Choice - minus the chef's touches, although Jamie is a very talented chef.

      If you want less expensive beef, lobby the government to reinstate former levels of sugar importation. Then Coke could sweeten with sugar and cattle feed prices would go down.

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      1. re: almansa

        Are you saying that KO Prime doesn't use prime? I probably shouldn't make these assumptions but the name "KO Prime" to me would imply that I wouldn't be getting choice beef if I was ordering there. (OTOH I haven't seen their menu so perhaps they have both available)

        1. re: almansa

          KO Prime uses choice? That's a friggin scandal.

        2. I've personally found that the Grill 23 is the best steak house for a celebration; whether it be a romantic dinner for 2 or for a party of 8 or more. And its not a chain.

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          1. re: Late to the party

            i've always found the DR at Grille 23 to be way to noisy for romance.

            1. re: ScubaSteve

              SS, next time try the upstairs dining room.

              1. re: Late to the party

                i have eaten at the upstairs bar before and it was better. the only DRs i saw upstairs was the smallish private style rooms. but then again, i was probably pretty drunk.

          2. Well, you went to KO looking for something different, but then ordered the typical steakhouse fare. You should have looked at (and ordered) the non-typical stuff.

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            1. re: Alcachofa

              I recently went to Ken's in Framingham and was totally underwhelmed. Quality, atmosphere and service were sub-par. I ordered the porterhouse - waiter said it was the biggest steak on the menu - and it was thin, tough and quite small for a porterhouse. Even my son (8 years old) said the steak was not that good. Sides were barely warm and totally over-buttered. Only good thing was the ceasar salad starter.

            2. I had a great meal there recently. It wasn't inventive but it was well prepared and delicious and the server was very helpful in choosing a wine for us to enjoy. We shared a chopped salad which was full of fresh vegetables and olives and sharp cheese and I had the swordfish which was PERFECTLY cooked and served with hazelnuts and green peppercorns and haricot verts. My DC had the strip which he said was cooked exactly as ordered - rare to med rare. I like the dark elegance of the dining room (I never saw it as Spire) and again I thought our server was attentive and charming without being too present. It IS expensive but it seems to me that steakhouses of a certain level all over town are all incredibly pricey.