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Feb 14, 2008 08:31 AM

Vietnamese in Philly?

I'm looking for authentic Vietnamese in Philadelphia that also has vegetarian options (no meat or fist). As a second choice, what other Asian restaurants would you recommend?

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  1. That's easy.

    If you are in Center City, go to Vietnam on 11th St just below Vine.

    In South Philly, Nam Phuong on 11th St near Washington Avenue.

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    1. re: Philly Ray

      I find Vietnam and V. Palace to be a somewhat watered-down version of Vietnamese food. I think in Chinatown, Pho Xe Lua has a more authentic pho and vietnamese food.

      I agree about Nam Phuong

    2. Philly Ray is absolutely correct! Someone will undoubtedly mention Vietnam Palace which is across the street from Vietnam - Philadelphians are usually strongly in favor of one or the other! (I am in the Vietnam camp myself). . There have been some good threads recently about asain restaurants and specific foods.
      I'll suggest Rangoon which is on 9th Street between Arch and Race - it is Burmese food and excellent! It has been discussed here before as well so you could search the board for more info.

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      1. re: Bigley9

        If you are looking for vegetarian options Vietnam Palace has a lot more than Vietnam Restaurant. Nam Phoung is also quite good, with plenty of veggie options.

        1. re: joluvscards

          Which Chinatown or Wash Ave. pho stops offer seafood pho? A couple of Temple U. lunch trucks offer it, and it's pretty popular in my hometown of Boston.

          Any ideas? The seafood assortment includes imitation crab meat, squid, fish balls, shrimp, plus fried tofu.

          1. re: FoolForFood

            Bang-for-the-buck, hard to beat the food Temple food truck. (The one on Montgomery, that's an actual truck).

        2. Thanks! I'm looking for Pho in particular for my significant other who loves it. But Pho 75 doesn't seem to have non-beef-based dishes.

          What's the difference between Vietnam and Vietamese Palace?

          (And we've been to Rangoon - it is wonderful!)

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          1. re: rfs0771

            I think your problem might be that you're looking for non-beef noodle soup and thinking it's also called pho. There are plenty of noodles soups at Pho Xe Lua and Nam Phoung that come with the bean sprouts, basil, lime & jalepeno slices, but it's not a pho broth. Pho is traditionally just beef and other cow parts. Some restaurants sell chicken pho, but if you don't eat beef, you probably don't want it since it's beef stock.

          2. If you have the time, and want the real deal, take a ride to Atlantic City to Little Saigon at Arctic Avenue and Iowa. It is insanely good.