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Dec 22, 2001 01:56 AM

Japanese Food Recomendations

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I'm hoping for recomedations for wonderfully good Japanese Restaurants in LA. I'm taking my husband for a surprize trip and don't want to disapoint him. I'm interested in taking him to someplace refined and traditional. He's a traditional sushi chef, so I need to pick well. I need something beyond hamachi, tuna and rolls. I read interesting things about Ginza, but saw mixed reviews on citysearch (which I don't trust to guide me). PLEASE HELP! He's never been to LA & I don't want to look stupid.

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    Inca Explorer

    Not sure how traditional the atmosphere is but Sasabune on Sawtelle should do the trick for the sushi.

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      Leslie Brenner

      Anita, I would recommend taking him for omakase at Mori Sushi on West Pico Blvd. in West L.A. I can just about guarantee that you won't be disappointed. Here's a link to a recent posting about a meal I had there a couple months ago--the best meal I had in L.A. this year, and the best sushi I've had in, I don't know, my life? (I have not yet eaten at Ginza Sushiko.)


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        Leslie Brenner

        P.S. Our omakase was about $95 per person, a fraction of what Ginza Sushiko charges.

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        michael (mea culpa)

        Don't envy your predicament. Where are you coming from? If Japan, this could be like carrying coals to Newcastle. Perhaps something different, a fusion style place like Devon in Monrovia, Shiro in South Pasadena or Jozu in West Hollywood would have a better shot at avoiding disappointment. Or, something totally different--Thai, Chinese, Korean, some sort of Mexican, etc. Otherwise, there's Matsuhisa, Granita, Ginza, etc.

        1. Nishimura opposite the Pacific Design Center on Melrose. I went there with Japanese business associates who were quite impressed, assuming they weren't just being polite. I've been there a couple of times after and liked it a lot. Also excellent is Asenobo in the Valley on Ventura Blvd. For an eclectic Japanese dining experience (very little sushi) try Ita Cho on Beverly Blvd. in West Hollywood.

          1. Anita, there are plenty of good suchi bars in the area (suchi's my favorite), but if you can afford Ginza, none of the best can compare. We're talking $300 per person without drinks, tax or tip! If you can handle that - go for it. It is by far the best meal I've ever had out. I've done it twice and wish I could afford to do it more.