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Feb 14, 2008 07:37 AM

Boiled Peanuts in Austin?

My husband really likes boiled peanuts, especially the Cajun-flavored ones. Does anyone know of a place in Austin that stocks even canned boiled peanuts? We'd prefer fresh, but haven't had any luck either. Online shipping prices are outrageous and we'd prefer to get them local.


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  1. I've seen boiled peanuts at MT supermarket in Chinatown on North Lamar. You won't get Cajun flavored ones there. ;)

    1. HEB sells the raw peanuts so you can cook up a batch as spicy as you want.
      Works better if you soak them overnight before you cook them. Tony Cachere's works great as do the liquid boils.

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        Agree with this. I buy 2 bags of raw peanuts (in the green bags in HEB or Walmart produce section). I get a big pot and very heavily salted boiling water, boil them for 3.5 hours. Or, make smaller batches in my pressure cooker cooking for 80 minutes if I'm in more of a hurry)..
        Easy, simple, no cooking mess, no fussing or tending. Plus the texture is much better than canned. Still a bit of bite.

      2. Central Market has them canned.

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        1. The best (some would say only) peanuts to boil are green peanuts usually found through out the summer and early fall in the South. I've never seen any green peanuts (which are just fresh picked peanuts) in Texas for sale (maybe somewhere in E. Texas since they have some of the traditional Southern foods).

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          1. re: Carter B.

            You're right, but we can't get those there. The raw from HEB taste pretty darn close if you doctor them up right, but I guess that goes for almost any food.

          2. The original comment has been removed