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Feb 14, 2008 07:37 AM

Best restaurant bread

Some form of bread is usually a part of most, if not all, restaurant meals. In some cases, it's the highlight. So, in keeping with that idea, who has the best bread in a restaurant in the area?

If you want to post about good local bakeries, or even about bakeries that happen to also serve sandwiches, please start another bread thread. I want to keep this one focused on those restaurants where the bread arrives (bread basket, outer portion of a sandwich, tortilla, pizza crust, I don't care - just as long as it's some form of bread), one takes a bite, and experiences bread nirvana.

PS On the subject of restaurant bread, I recommend the chapter (I believe it's entitled "Adam, Real Last Name Unknown" or something close to that) in Anthony Bourdain's "Kitchen Confidential". I found that chapter in particular to be a hilarious read.

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  1. The bread at PS7's is really innovative and tasty. My problem is that we had trouble flagging down a server for seconds. I also happen to love that puffy hot pita-esque bread at Zaytinya.

    1. Carlyle in Shirlington has warm bread and yummy mini-donuts last I went.

      2941 had wonderful bread when elder Krinn was baking - I haven't visited since, so I don't know.

      Ray's the Steak (visited last night) had a wonderfully soft, yummy rosemary bread.

      I like Zaytinya's pitas when they're warm. I've had really dry ones there before too....

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        They are still making homemade bread at 2941 which is very tasty I think they got some recipes.

        No one has mentioned the parker house rolls.

        1. re: orangemix

          Zaytinya's are wonderful! I always ask for more.

          I also like Mon Ami Gabi and Jaleo...I like good crusty bread!

        2. Thanks for starting this thread, Wart. One of my favorite restaurant adages (ok, I created it) is "Good restaurants may have bad bread, but bad restaurants will not have good bread."

          1. Lightfoot in Leesburg, which bakes their own bread.

            1. oya has a delicious cheesy roll basket they bring out. soooo good, i kept sending the waiter back to refill it!

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              1. re: polly parker

                I love the warm pumpernickle with golden raisins at the Capital Grill. The basket also comes with a large cracker that is great with butter.

                  1. re: polly parker

                    What I love about them is how bizarre they are. Here you are sitting at a swanky Asian fusion restaurant, sampling sushi, and then comes these cheesy bread balls of warm yummyness.

                    1. re: HilkaryIC

                      if you like the ones at Oya you will LOVE the ones at BLT. similar in taste only 10 times the size and they come with butter and sea salt.