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Feb 14, 2008 07:20 AM

Lonely Valentine's Take-out

OK, so I'm not that lonely; the Boyfriend is just working tonight. I work in Boston (Back Bay) and live in North Cambridge, and I'm driving from one city to the other tonight. Where should I stop to pick up some tasty take-away? Open to any suggestions.

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  1. Wang's on Broadway in Somerville...not really in the direction you'd be driving but not too far.

    Armando's in Cambridge is another option.

    1. I like Bangkok City (167 Mass. Ave.) quite a bit. Just be sure to ask for and order off the "Thai menu," not the regular one.

      1. I bet you could get some lovely take-away from Gran Gusto on Sherman Street, though you should call in advance. Went there for the first time last night, and absolutely loved it. The owner, Antonio, is quite a character, and bounces around the place making everyone feel as if they were a friend of the family. The grilled squid appetizer is to die for, and I enjoyed the eggplant lasagna--much lighter than others I've had. DH had one of their homemade pastas with shrimp and radicchio, and he really cleaned his plate. Haven't tried them yet, but other posters on this board have been raving about the pizza.

        Gran Gusto
        90 Sherman St, Cambridge, MA 02140

        1. A good dinner/dessert combo - Dinner from Tamarind House and dessert (chocolate orgasm brownie) from Rosies - both on Mass Ave Cambridge - almost next to each other. Near North Cambridge, so probably on your way home.

          1. How about Chili Duck in the Back Bay?

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              What is Chili Duck? I've never heard of it. Also, I'm ashamed to admit that I've never been to Tamarind Bay, even though I love Indian food. What should I order there (I'm partial to paneer).

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                It's actually the name of a an Asian rest. I believe it's on Boylston St. across the street from the Pru/Hynes complex if I'm not mistaken.