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Dec 21, 2001 01:16 PM

"Cafe Society"

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The following unique story was in the Los Angeles Times yesterday.


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    michael (mea culpa)

    There's a letter in today's (Sat) Times taking the writer to task.

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    1. re: michael (mea culpa)

      I thought that letter was right on-point. What a ridiculous article. Who needs a critique of Starbucks and the horrid Coffee Bean; it would be the equivalent of an article about the best burgers in LA that went to three McDonalds and two Burger Kings. It wouldn't have been hard to find five or six interesting, independent shops that put the chains to shame in both quality and ambiance.

      1. re: SKU

        Where DO you get a good cup in this town? Of the chains, Peet's is the only one I've found palatable. I haven't been to one coffee house that makes a decent cup. Maybe there are some, but I don't know it. I've been to a few restaurants that make a good capuccino (Campanile, Alto Palato, Osteria Angelini) but you really don't want to have to order a seventy-five dollar meal to get coffee. So where?

        1. re: roger simon

          I like the Coffee Table in Silver Lake on Rowena, but I'd love to learn about other people's favorites. Peet's is certainly the best whole bean purveyor I've had.

          1. re: SKU

            I love the coffee from Il Graffo (sp?) right near the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. I prefer the dark roast.

            I also import the House Blend from Dean & Deluca which tastes just about perfect to me.

          2. re: roger simon

            The best espresso I have had is at the espresso bar at Il Fornaio in Beverly Hills. Be sure to order a "corto."

            They also have the best brewed, American style coffee I have had in a long time. Can't vouch for other locations in this chain.

            1. re: roger simon

              Buy your coffee and get a cup at the coffee roaster on Ventura Blvd. just east of Woodman in Sherman Oaks. It's not a place to hang out, it's a small shop. BUT the coffee is excellent. And you won't be disappointed.

              And the article was ludicrous. The Tropical has been around forever, I remember going to the Onyx next to the Vista back in the early 80's and there was a small boho coffee house on Sunset up the street from Seafood Bay that closed after a good run back in 1985. The letter was just silly.

              1. re: jerome

                Actually I tried the coffee roaster entirely by accident lately (in a hurry, needed a cup, etc.) and was surprised how good it was. Thanks for the reminder.

        2. Weak corporate coffee?
          The Times is running out of ideas.

          The best coffee is the organic Black Gold sold at the Coffee Warehouse on Rose Ave 1 1/2 blocks west of Lincoln Blvd on the Venice-OP border.
          One cup puts you in orbit.
          The place is a mess-and hopefully will stay that way.

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          1. re: Bob Barnett

            I'm with you on the Black Gold, Bob. Damn strong, and damn cheap! And the place has funk. I think it serves to keep the bad element (pushy, me-first Westsiders) away. Anyway, it's a really nice alternative to the Main Street corporate coffee venues.

            Gourmet Coffee Warehouse also has a branch in Culver City (in the shopping area at Jefferson/Overland). Same lethal coffee, and they make these great, cheap, roasted pepper/cheese sandwiches. Be patient, it takes the counterperson awhile to make them, but they're really good.

            And yeah, that article was silly. I think the author really meant to write a piece on coffee spots as pick-up joints, which, if done right, would be a fun read. The coffee shops in Brentwood on San Vicente are hilarious in that respect. Oh, well.

            1. re: Oopsie Daisy

              I put in my vote for Coffee Warehouse in Venice on Rose as well--the Organic Black Gold and Italian roast are awesome (as is the Peruvian and whatever else they've got; hell it's all good).

              Speaking of pick-up joints, the staff at Coffee Warehouse are always trying to pick up my girlfriends, which is hilarious in a different way . . .