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Feb 14, 2008 07:09 AM

my dumb question # 294: is brisket OVER-cookable?

If a brisket has already been braised once, and then frozen, can it be cut up, and then re-braised? Reason being that I want to make beef pie. Would I be better off making the gravy and veg separately? But if no harm would come to the brisket, I would just do it all together?

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  1. Brisket can be overcooked, but you have a lot of room for error.
    If it wasn't overcooked the first time around, you shouldn't run into big problems doing it all together; I am not sure how for a pie, you would be able to do everything separately, unless you baked only a top crust, and put that on last minute? If that's your idea, maybe just use a small amount of the meat to flavor veg and gravy, and when all is ready, stir in the rest.

    1. Yes, it can be overcooked. Over-braising it will dry it out. It seems a little unintuitive that wet cooking would dry out meat, but it happens. But i agree with fayehess, it probably won't be a big problem if you didn't overcook it the first time. Meat pies normally use cooked meat (and veg) anyway.

      1. thanks for both of your reassuring answers. I will try it out tomrorow. I want to make the brisket pie that someone else mentioned on this board.