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Feb 14, 2008 06:56 AM

Choco Chip Cookies

Am trying to find someplace with amazing chocolate chip cookies to buy tonight to bring home to my boyfriend. He only likes soft and in midtown and live in the village, help!!

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  1. City Bakery's chocolate chip cookies are pretty popular, and I find them the perfect consistency, albeit a bit greasy (but I suppose you need that buttery goodness). They taste a bit like almond cookies you find in Chinese restaurants (w/o the almonds of course), nice and chewy. 18th St. b/w 5th and 6th Ave.

    1. Actually, brgr makes some of the most delicious in town...also, Dessert Delivery has fabulous ones, too.

      1. oooo, would you mind if i co-opt your thread and ask about big crispy cookies too?

        1. I hate to mention a chain, but Pret-a-Manger makes the best. (They're still warm when you buy them, if you want to eat one yourself.) Also, Levain on 74th(?) and Columbus. Also, Milk and Cookies on Commerce and 7th Ave South.

          1. City Bakery/Bird Bath, followed closely by Jacques Torres.

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            1. re: Lucia

              2nd to both, but i may give JT a slight edge

              i do like levains very much, but probably not convenient

              1. re: harrison

                I like Levain's too, but I hesitated to recommend since they're inconvenient and not exactly your average chocolate chip cookie.

                1. re: Lucia

                  Luckily they're convenient for me!!!