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Feb 14, 2008 06:28 AM

4th of July fireworks dinner for 20-30 people

My daughter is getting married in the morning of the 4th of July in Highland Park. We would like to find somewhere to take out-of-towners and family to go watch fireworks in the evening, where we can eat dinner onsite or nearby (and we would be fine with bringing picnic food). Any recommendations? It would probably be a group of 20-30 or so. I checked Ravinia’s website, but they don’t have the 2008 season posted yet and last year they were closed on the 4th. I’d love to get some fun ideas. Thanks!

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  1. Congrats!

    I don't know what they do in Highland Park, but the Glencoe fireworks are down on the Glencoe beach. There is a grassy park area at the top of the bluff that is perfect for picnics, and then you can bring the whole group down to the beach. You will need to bring your own towels or beach chairs.

    There are also picnic areas down on the beach, but I've never gotten there early enough to claim them and I don't like getting sand in my food.

    The whole event is fun, but beware the Glencoe fireworks show is not the most spectacular show in the area.

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      In Evanston, the fireworks show is off Clark Street Beach, alongside Centennial Park, where everyone gathers to watch them. So you can picnic in the park, and then watch the fireworks. Evanston usually does this the evening of the 4th; many other towns do it the evening of the 3rd. So if you like, you can actually go to more than one show, in different towns on different nights.

      I don't see anything on the websites for the city of Highland Park ( ) or its Park District ( ) but I'm sure their fireworks arrangements will be posted there, some time closer to July.

    2. My husband and I were married July 4, 2005. It is my favorite holiday and was the best day of my life - all my family was in attendance -it was my second marriage. You can see really wonderful fireworks at Arlington Racetrack. My family enjoyed them immensely - very family oriented place. Maybe you could rent a bus and make the ride over to the track evven more fun. Good luck - it's a perfect time for a wedding. I had all the relative girls in black for elegance, pearls as they are all unnique and one of a kind, red roses as they are all American beauties. I was in a black gown with white trim and wore pearls.

      1. This may be a little off-the-wall, but the Kane County Cougars baseball stadium in Geneva has the best 4th-of-July fireworks display I've seen in the whole area. We go every year with my cousin and wis wife, their daughter and SIL, and my son and his family. It's become a family tradition since my cousin moved back from the East Coas seven or eight years ago.

        It isn't the Bigs, but the baseball is pretty good and the entertainment is great. The food, much of it prepared (almost) to order, is quite good and reasonably priced. If you have kids in your party, they will be well entertained.

        They can accomodate parties in special pavillions, though I'm not sure they can set apart a group of 20-30, which would simplify you picking up the tab as host. You would have to ask them about that; I wouldn't be surprised if they haven't figured that out. It is an extremely well-managed venue.

        Take me out to the ballgame!