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Feb 14, 2008 06:24 AM

Fresh & Wild.........Tell me about this place..

There is one near my house at Av& Dav.....where the 'greengrocer/butcher used to be...I must admit that I hadn't gone before we left for the Winter....I keep seeing the name on it a chain? What is it like?.....Do tell!

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  1. Nothing special — a clone of Whole Foods & Pusateri's with less selection but equally high prices. The condo crowd loves it!

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    1. re: Edith S

      I agree, when it comes to the produce, it's overpriced and (at least the one at King & Spadina) not always fresh. The baked goods are really good though! Alot of good selections from a variety of bakeries.

      1. re: jjmuggs

        I work very close to F&W at Ave/Dav. but I'm boycotting it because late last year, they raised the price of their daily soup by $1.00 and put it in a smaller container! I really do like their soups but I thought the price hike was a bit too much!

    2. Agree with all the others... a Jr. Pusateri's wannabe with prices to match but sans selection or quality. I still get sucked into going to the location near me (King and Spadina) because there's no proper grocery in this hood.

      1. ditto the one in Bloor West Village. No cooked take-out at this location though.

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          'nuff said....I won't rush home to try it!................thanks all!

        2. Ditto to all posted. Wannabe type place that doesnt cut it; but with great dessert selection and cafe. (K&S)
          Also really like the raw meatballs which I squash a bit and BBQ!!!

          1. Absolutely different POV - the Fresh and Wild in Bloor West Village (@Durie) is an outstanding produce store and fairly good value with a great selection of speciality items. It is a superb store.

            The king and spadina store is a joke - as others have mentioned. A good place to stop for a quick bite - had excellent Quinoa salad there last week.