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Dec 20, 2001 07:25 PM

Great Chinese Dumplings and Fried Wantons?

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I grew up a bit south of New York City and from an early age developed an unwavering love for the Fried Dumplings and Fried Wantons that I would get at our neighborhood Chinese restaurants and the one's in NYC. The dumplings had a real thick dough skin and the pork's taste wasn't too strong. The whole thing was very juicy. The fried wantons were big and soft, despite being fried. I've taken a lot of suggestions in search these loves since moving to LA. The dumplings I find often have too thin of a skin or have an off-putting aftertaste. The wantons are generally too small or too crunchy or filled with chicken (sacrilege). I've been to Dumpling Master, which is the closest I've found Dumpling-wise, but not quite good enough. Does anyone have any suggestions? I can't go home for Christmas, which will be fine as long as I can celebrate with this food.

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  1. Have you tried Mandarin Deli? They are, to me, worlds better than the Dumpling Master ones. Thicker skin, juicy pork filling, crispy bottoms. As a side bonus, you can also get a bowl of handmade noodles with beef stew and an order of the scallion pancakes--both very good.

    Mandarin Deli has several branches, in Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Northridge and Monterey Park. In fact, the MP one is across the street from Dumpling Master. It's a orange-ish lone building behind the Sav-on/99 mall on Garvey (I think.)

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      I totally agree with you Jennifer, Mandarin Deli is excellent. A Chinese friend of mine from work has brought me there several times. We get the pan fried dumplings, an order of cucumbers with garlic, and noodles with preserved vegetables.

      The location we go to in Chinatown is in a small sort of mall / plaza. Not sure of the street.

    2. There has been a lot of discussion about "soup dumplings" on the board - try the search function on main CH page (Mei Long Village and Din Tai Fung are both pretty popular!). See link below for one of many threads on this....


      1. If you're looking for a high-quality potstickers, my favorite by far is Yang Chow in Chinatown. They are big, have thick wrappings and lots of pork. Add some high-quality chili oil, and it'll slow your bloodstream right on down.