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Feb 14, 2008 06:01 AM

ISO great porterhouse in Manhattan

I know everyone is going to say to forget Manhattan and go to Peter Lugers but that is not an option this time. I am bringing my father out for his birthday and he wants a great steak, preferably porterhouse in Manhattan. It will be a group of 8 of us. I had a good porterhouse at Blair & Perrone (now closed) and a not so good porterhouse at Porter House in TWC. I was looking at Ben & Jacks since I know it is a Luger spin off and is in a good area for all of us to meet. I was also looking at Wolfgangs on Park Avenue and considering Mark Josephs downtown. Can anyone comment on these choices or have any other suggestions? Thank you.

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  1. Never had a bad steak at Ben and Jacks. Much better than the steaks I've been served at Wolfgang's. Their bacon was better too. Probably the best of the Luger's clones in my opinion.

    1. I had two great porterhouses recently. Keens makes an incredible porterhouse for 2. BLT Prime also makes a delicious porterhouse. I would say Keens was slightly better, however if you are looking for better sides head to BLT Prime. Overall, both were amazing.

      I have included my review of Keens here.

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        I'll throw in a second recommendation for either Ben & Jacks or Keens.