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Feb 14, 2008 05:37 AM


Does anyone have suggestions, other than Zoup, for a hearty soup place in the Campus Martius Area (Compuware, Hard Rock, EY) of Downtown Detroit?

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  1. there is a little carry out place in the first national building on the first floor on woodward (sorry i don't know the name but it is not the new nino cutraro place, enotecha) that has good soup and sandwiches. i have had decent soup at the woodward but it is more of a sit down place than a quick grab a bite place. i have also had good soup at the thai place on woodward and the orchid thai in the compuware building.

    i miss britt's cafe in the silver's store on congress which had great black bean soup. and we sure could use a place that serves a big bowl of pho.

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      I liked Britt's, too. I liked the Green Room even more, but I don't know if it's still there. To the OP: the Green Room is/was located on Congress just west of Griswold. It is/was a small carry-out salad and soup bar.

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          Thanks for the advice so far. I will try Green Room this week.

      1. Try Mudgie's on Porter. over in corktown 313-961-2000 a different flavor every day - (Try the Madill -one of the best handheld items I have eaten) they used to be McNally's Deli (which is now on Woodward- look for the giant pickle) and also an option.
        These are so new they aren't even listed on

        1. Not too far away but worth the trip is Slows BBQ.

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              LOL Whoops. My brain is getting smaller every day. My bad.