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Feb 14, 2008 05:37 AM


Does anyone have suggestions, other than Zoup, for a hearty soup place in the Campus Martius Area (Compuware, Hard Rock, EY) of Downtown Detroit?

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  1. there is a little carry out place in the first national building on the first floor on woodward (sorry i don't know the name but it is not the new nino cutraro place, enotecha) that has good soup and sandwiches. i have had decent soup at the woodward but it is more of a sit down place than a quick grab a bite place. i have also had good soup at the thai place on woodward and the orchid thai in the compuware building.

    i miss britt's cafe in the silver's store on congress which had great black bean soup. and we sure could use a place that serves a big bowl of pho.

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      I liked Britt's, too. I liked the Green Room even more, but I don't know if it's still there. To the OP: the Green Room is/was located on Congress just west of Griswold. It is/was a small carry-out salad and soup bar.

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          Thanks for the advice so far. I will try Green Room this week.

      1. Try Mudgie's on Porter. over in corktown 313-961-2000 a different flavor every day - (Try the Madill -one of the best handheld items I have eaten) they used to be McNally's Deli (which is now on Woodward- look for the giant pickle) and also an option.
        These are so new they aren't even listed on www.guidetodetroit.com

        1. Not too far away but worth the trip is Slows BBQ.


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              LOL Whoops. My brain is getting smaller every day. My bad.