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Feb 14, 2008 05:11 AM

Eating establishments along Woodbine south of O'connor


On my way to work while riding the Woodbine bus to the subway station I've noticed a number of local eating establishments;

YAWNY BAKER'S- O'connor St. Clair

DUTCH POT CARIBBEAN open or closed?

Northerly the Woodbine bus heads south on Bermondsey Rd.passing by

SWEET TREATS-west side
ANGELO'S HOT TABLE- Italian sandwiches

Does any Hound have information to relate about any or all of these spots?

Thanks and good chowing.

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  1. I can reply about a few. Jawny Baker's (not Yawny) is okay when you're looking for one of those places with a 15-page menu you can take your parents to. They're a step up from Kelsey's, and make a decent pizza. Lots of parking out back, which is a plus.

    The Dutch Pot is long closed in that location. George's Grill is one word: sketchy. I know someone who went in there once for a drink because they were thirsty while jogging. I think it's one of those places that is only open during daylight hours and serves a small number of elderly regulars. "Kitchen and Bath" is, believe it or not, a kitchen and bath place and not a restaurant at all.

    My husband and I ate at Thai Wok once, and the food was decent/average thai - but I wonder how it stays in business because I never see more than a table or two occupied. Perhaps they do a lot of take out?

    I haven't got pizza from Kingston, which is only been open a few months. They have some video game systems in there that draw in a lot of youths, which is probably good for business. Never been to The Rib House.

    We tend to head to the Danforth instead of Woodbine when we want something a quick walk from the house. We like Golden Pizza (our local haunt) and Basil Thai isn't bad, but would be more appealing if they had a liquor license. :)

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    1. re: Tara9000

      Thanks, Tara9000, for getting this discussion started. You've shed the
      light on and given us a pretty comprehensive, quick review of these East York eateries.
      Of course it was disappointing to hear that I wont be heading to Kitchen & Bath for a meal.................... Just kidding lol actualy I was jotting the names down as the bus rolled along and added the K&B entry because I am looking for kitchen cabinets. In my haste to get the thread started yesterday I quickly typed out the list before running off to work and inadvertently put the K&B name on the list in error. Latter it was too late to edit it out.

    2. While Jawny Bakers is not worth a special journey, it is fine if you are in the area. It's all foodservice food, but they are friendly and the menu is huge. Some of their sandwiches are delicious.

      The Rib House is gross. The Dutch Pot is closed. I don't know the others.

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      1. re: embee

        Is there a one armed chef at the Rib House?
        It seems to me that I ate there a long, long time back.
        What is gross, the food or the restaurant food or both?

        1. re: fruglescot

          I haven't eaten there in many, many years. The place itself turns us off.

          1. re: embee

            i understand that the rib house may turn off most. my uncle regularly went there for chinese food (the canadian kind) and i remember it being quite okayish.

            1. re: rayrayray

              The Rib House may turn a lot of people off - place isn't clean, really more of a dive bar than a restaurant, often "interesting" clientele, but despite that, the food is quite good, if you're craving your standard diner/greasy spoon fare. The ribs are excellent, I'd go as far as to say some of the best you'll find in the city. Solid burgers and sandwiches, they do have a few "Chinese" items.

              It's not much of a place to look at, I agree, and I wouldn't go as far as to actually eat there, but I would recommend takeout. People used to come from all over just for the ribs (or so I've heard). I used to live just down the street, so have tried a few of the items on the menu, avoid the chicken wings, but everything else is good. Fine dining it ain't, but its good for what it does.

      2. Jawny Baker's has been around a while and it used to be a decent spot for a beer and some reasonably priced fare; a Boston Pizza or Kelsey's without having to admit you went to one of those places.

        They revamped the interior a while ago and now I'm not sure what it is supposed to be; more along the Milestone's end of things. The prices continue to go up while the quality of food stays the same. My family used to go there a lot but after the last visit we all agreed that we'd rather spend our money just about anywhere else.

        Dutch Pot is closed; I wonder when the heck they will take that sign down.

        Thai Wok is below average Thai food.

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        1. re: NovoCuisine

          I've been to Angelo's Hot Table many times - if you like veal or meatball sandwiches you have to check it out. You can't beat the value, sandwiches are more than I can eat at once and it's only $6 including toppings.