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Feb 14, 2008 05:07 AM

Jacksonville Meat and 3

I will be visiting Jax for several days in March and am looking for local meat and 3's. Nice decor and ambiance optional - just good home cookin'. Also any favs at the beach for peel and eat shrimp, oysters, etc? Lastly any comments on Michael's Restaurant for dinner. Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Try Beach Road Chicken for the best fried chicken, cream peas, etc.. Try Buckets and Slider's at the beach. Try Grinder's on Atlantic Blvd for great bkfst and home cooking. Hope you enjoy your stay!

    1. Famous Amos Restaurants is a Jax chain that is an excellent meat and 3 no matter which one you chose. Pat and Mike's (if it is still in business) on the westside was always good. Beach Road chicken is good, but I always preferred the fried fish to the fried chicken. They can keep the cream peas as far as I'm concerned, but many people like them.

      It's not at the beach, but on the intercoastal waterway, but we always enjoyed Barbara Jean's.

      There are several good reastaurants at Atlantic Beach and in Fernandina Beach if you want a nice drive.

      1. I also think Sliders is an awesome place for shrimp and oysters. It's on 2nd St down near Atlantic. If you do decide to go there, they may still have a special on Tuesdays of a dozen oysters $for 2.50. But I'd call ahead to make sure b/c Im not sure if they still do that. Not sure about any other places though.