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Feb 14, 2008 05:01 AM

Soif Santa Cruz, good for non-drinker?

Hi all:

I am going to visit my sister in Santa Cruz for the first time and dad has given her the checkbook to take me out for my birthday dinner. From the reading that I've been doing on this board, it seems like Soif might be a good choice. But no one in our party drinks wine, and Soif seems to be mostly centered around their wines, will we be okay there? I know the other choice would be La Posta, since they are opened by the same owners, but I read a few not so good reviews about it too.

-thanks guys!

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  1. Soif is as much about wine as it is about food. La Posta is not as much about wine as Soif, but wine is still a big deal there. So, I don't see either as a good choice for you.

    Theos on Main St. in Soquel is at least as good as Soif, and some might say better. Although wine is available, it's not the main thing at Theos.

    1. I agree w/ harryd that Soif and La Posta are not your best choices if no one in your party is a wine drinker. I can't drink a lot of wine but I love the 2 oz. wine tastes as a way to sample interesting wines that enhance the food.

      Another option would be Ristorante Avanti on the westside on Mission St. Good wine is available but not the focus. Reservation recommended.

      1. I would disagree with the others here. My partner and I are non drinkers AND vegetarians and we love Soif. I just ignore the wine and order the food. However you will have to reassure them you are not drinking wine if you ask for balsamic vinegar with your bread. Apparently it ruins the taste of the wine so they don't offer it by default. Theo's is outstanding and my favorite restaurant in Santa Cruz and one of the best you'll find anywhere.When Oswald's open up again that is a must as well. truly excellent.