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Dec 20, 2001 06:57 AM

South Indian on the Westside

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I was in a mini-mall at Yale and Santa Monica yesterday and took a menu for a Southern Indian grocery and one table restaurant. They have Masala Dosa, Idli, Vada, 3 types of iced cream and 2 types of Kulfi in addition to the steam table items. I will be trying it very soon. It is hard to find all of these items on one menu outside Artesia.
Phone # 310 828 5567

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  1. I went to this place yesterday: the onion pakora was worth the stop alone. Here's their particulars:

    India Fiji Food and Spices
    2836 Santa Monica Blvd. (at Yale)

    Some of their specials: masala dosa, idaly, puri bhaji, dahi baath, samber vada, dahi vada, masala tea, sweet or salted lassi....

    Thanks to Just Larry for the recommendation. I'm visiting my parents here in Santa Monica and I enjoy visiting new finds when I'm here.