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Feb 14, 2008 01:45 AM

Toasted Pound Cake in Singapore

I just made a wonderful food discovery last night. Having just finished a delightful French dinner at Nicolas Joanny's marvellous new restaurant on 35 Keong Saik Road, my friend & I walked a few doors down to 25 Degrees, the all-cookbook bookshop-cum-cafe at 25 Keong Saik Road to browse.

Guess what we saw being served at the cafe - toasted pound cake! Gosh, haven't seen this for umpteen years since I last had it in Maryland/Virginia. This is probably the only place in Singapore to serve it, and it's ABSOLUTELY scumptious!

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  1. I am not into pound cake but would be interested to know more about the new restaurant at 35 Keong Saik Rd, Is that Streeters Restaurante? How is the food there?

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      It's called Nicolas, and is named after the chef Nicolas Joanny. He was formerly executive chef at the (sadly now defunct) L'Aigle d'Or at the Duxton Hotel. Nicolas was subsequently executive chef for Les Amis' short-lived Intermezzo. He moved on to Les Saisons at Far East Square and then spent 4 years at Bangkok's Les Vendome. Nicolas is now back in Singapore & his new restaurant is less than a month's old.

      The food was very good: the amuse bouche was parma ham & caramelised onions on very thin, toasted crispbread - absolutely scrumptious - I've never tasted parma ham served this way & which tasted so good.

      My starter, pan-fried foie gras with a Thai-tasting lemongrass sauce, and main course of melt-in-the mouth braised beef cheeks, were both very efficiently executed & perfect! My guest, a Hongkong visitor, said that his main course - pan-roasted cod was the best he'd tasted anywhere.

      Prices were not cheap though, considering the rather simple decor of the restaurant, smallish menu & its location. Our waiter, a Thai who used to work with Nicolas in Bangkok, was very efficient & professional.

      It was a business dinner & I didn't have much opportunity to pay closer attention to the food, but I'll certainly be going back there again soon!

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        Thanks for the review. There is a write up on Nicolas on The Strait Times today, received a favorable review. Maybe I will try soon.

    2. Sadly, I noticed that this wonderful shop seemed to have closed down when I passed through there last week:-

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        It's closed? What a pity. That was the only bookshop specializing in cookbooks in Singapore. I noticed that bookstores are all closing down in Singapore: first Borders, then Page One, etc.