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Feb 13, 2008 11:08 PM

any place good to eat near Winfield, W.V.?

I will be on business in Buffalo, W.V., next week, and am staying in Winfield (about 30 miles outside Charleston.) I will have a car, and wonder if anyone has recommendations. I have no idea what's there beyond chain restaurants, but I like home cooking, BBQ or anything you think is above the fray.

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  1. Short answer, NO. Skip Buffalo, Winfield and Hurricane unless Applebees is your idea of food. Either go 25 mi west to Huntington or 25 mi east to Charleston. In Charleston, you'll have Bridge Road Bistro (upscale and cool), The Blossom (interesting converted old malt shop), Chop House (expensive but beautiful bar), Tidewater (great fish), SOHO's (at Farmer's Market, good wine list), Bluegrass Cafe (funky casual favorite) and Ichiban (sushi favorite). In Huntington (actually Ceredo) you'll have Rocco's (best Italian in state) - do not go to the downtown version, only Ceredo.

    1. There's a pretty good Mexican place in Milton on the main drag, opposite the Rite Aid (I think). Order carefully or ask what's authentic. Had an excellent carnitas salsa verde there at Christmas.