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Feb 13, 2008 08:30 PM

Coppell - Farmers Branch - Old Carrolton

I've lived and worked in this area for the last few years and wanted to post a few good finds.

1. Elena's Elena's Tortilleria 2441 Valwood Parkway Farmers Branch, TX 972-241-4123

Just east of I-35 on Valwood, North side of the street

Very good Mexican food, all fresh made. Very inexpensive and very good breakfast tacos. I recommend the flour tortillas for all breakfast and what they call "All Day Tacos". I am guilty of not trying much of the menu because I've never got bored of the chicken, cheese and bacon taco they call the "El Jefe". Real Coke, very good salsa. Everyone I've taken there has become a fan and addict of the place. Almost all meals are $3-5.

2. Valwood Cafe 1555 Valwood Pkwy, Carrollton, TX 75006

On the west side of I-35 closer to Luna, south side of the road.

Best hamburgers in Dallas, maybe the world. May be hard to believe but they use fresh meat, cook or a char grill, the bacon is top quality and they just have a rare way of putting a burger together. I use a lot of napkins wolfing one of these baby's down. It's a good value too as lunch only runs about $6 with fries and a drink.

3. Amici's 1022 South Broadway, Old Town Carrollton

Just south of Beltline and a block off of I-35

This is the kind of place you normally don't tell anyone about for fear you'll never be able to get a table if the word gets out. I'm a wine collector and this place is great because I can finally have a great wine with a great meal. Everything they do here they do well. Most items I've had here I can count among the best I've ever had anywhere.

An incredible experience can be had for less than $15 per person for lunches and $30-40 for dinners.

Did you think I was a fast food rube from the first two reviews? Guess again, Trotters, Spago's etc and handfuls of Michelin 2 and 3 star restaurants throughout the world.

One frustration with all of these places is they don't have good air conditioning in the summertime so I avoid them then.

I have yet to find good pizza or BBQ or bread here so I've learned to make my own. And that's how I get by in this little corner of the world.


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  1. I really like Nuevo Leon for Mex-Mex at the corner of Valley View and Josey. They used to have an outlet by me in Oak Lawn, but it closed. There used to be a place on Valley View, just E. of 35 called Railroad China. They had one dish to get which was Mongolian Beef (different than any you've had, and really spicy). I was driving by the other day and it has sadly closed. I had eaten there for the past 20yrs.. Boo.

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    1. re: J.R.

      I will try Nuevo Leon. Two rec's... it must be good!.

        1. re: jef_1_f

          Its been awhile since I been there, but +1 for Nuevo Leon.

        2. re: J.R.

          Railroad China at 2510 Valley View, a couple blocks east of 35? they're not closed

          1. re: teegee

            After all these years, they're closed. I drove by there twice this past Sunday. Empty. No signs on the building.

        3. Thanks for the report in that small part of town. When I used to work at the Bank One there was a deli owner who worked back in teh Valwood industrial area that had some great sandwhiches. I will do some driving around the area to give you the name if he is still in business (this was about 7-8 years ago). I am in Lewisville so I will try these places out. I second the recommendation for Neuvo Leon. I really like their moles and their poblano soup is awesome.

          1. another great place is agave azul in the square in old downtown carrollton. i believe there is a thread devoted to the restaurant somewhere if you do a search on the board.

            1. I used to work in that area. Rocky's on MacArthur - only for the pizza. Siena Beltline @ MacArthur pizza and other Italian food, a little more casual than Amici. As for barbecue, I'm not an expert. When I went out with coworkers, it was to Marshall's Vally View & Josey.

              1. Jef_1_f,

                Is Valwood Cafe only open for lunch? I read the post and am intruiged to try their burger.

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                1. re: DallasFoodieNumber1

                  I will answer my own question!!

                  Valwood Cafe is only open M-F 6am to 3 pm about one block east off Luna Road.

                  Elena's Taqueria does sell fresh tortillas corn by the pound ($1 per pound) not to sure how many tortillas that is?? I did not hear a price on the flour one but they were sure good wrapped aounr my tacos. I had the El Jefe tacos and although they were pretty tasty I did not get any potatoes (as mentioned above)and it was a bit on the salty side I assume from the bacon. The red hot sauce was excellent and very addictive with great chips I assume made from the same masa as the corn tortillas, lots of corn flavor and not doused in salt. The green salsa to put on the tacos almost had no flavor. It tastes much like green tomatillos and that was it.....that would be my one complaint. I also ordered four extra tacos to go (picadillo) and they were awesome 2 flour and 2 corn. The place is tiny but I would definitely recommend it. Service was courteous and prompt! Great rec Jef_1_f!!!

                  1. re: DallasFoodieNumber1

                    Sorry just noticed the ping. Valwood cafe is closed. I am sometimes getting burgers at Smashburger on beltline, Mooyahs around town and Kenny's up in Frisco. I still go to Elena's now and then - still good.