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Feb 13, 2008 06:57 PM

Lambros?? anyone been?

Heard about Lambos ...scared off by most of the Danforth as far as Greek food. Mezes and Pantheon for Fish are the only ones that we go to now. I heard about Lambros has anyone been?

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  1. I've been there with my wife and one other, we all enjoyed it. The wines start at around $40 /bottle. We spent around $150 and ordered a bottle of wine, about 5 tapas and dessert. I wishshed we had visited earlier as the food is very good. Joanne Kates gave it a very favourable review about 3 weeks back.

    1. Could not figure this place out. The "dip" appetizer was over-priced for practically nothing; the calamari was a few small pieces in a huge lump of hummas; the kebab was bland, the salads standard. Decent wine list but limited by-the-glass choices. Server who simply would not shut up or go away. Owner and staff carrying on loud obnoxious conversations in the seating area.
      Summary: over-priced small portions of unimaginative food in an uncomfortable environment.

      1. Had a great meal at Lambros a couple of weeks back, and can't figure out why this place hasn't received more notice on CH. It's next door to the sadly declining Avli, and has the same owner but a different chef. The menu is very Greek but not wholly traditional - i.e. it's not all village food like the nearly identical menus at most Greek-Canadian restos. Everything we had was delicious and inventive, especially the pastitsio with artichoke. I can't wait to go back!

        1. I finally got around to trying Lambros this past weekend. It's possible to order off the Avli menu as well, so you have the option of ordering the more traditional dishes at Avli or the innovative/contemporary dishes at Lambros.

          Fresh bread and tapenade arrived as soon as we sat down. Four of us shared 5 dishes- an artichoke pastitso, the grilled octopus with fava (a split pea puree common in Crete and some other Aegean islands, not fava beans), the pork belly with sour cherry (visino) glaze, as well as the marouli salata (shredded romaine with dill, onions, oil and vinegar, and the loukaniko from Avli's menu. I was surprised how generous the sharing plates/mezes' servings were- I had expected we would have required 8 dishes for 4 people, but 5 was the right amount for our group.

          I'm not sure I like the octopus with the fava combination. I like both dishes separately, just not together. I don't think the pureed texture of fava is a good compliment to the toothsome quality of the octopus. The octopus was nicely grilled, the best I can remember having on the Danforth in a long time, but it's lost if it's eaten with a spoonful of split pea puree. The loukaniko (Greek sausage) had a hint of orange rind, maybe some fennel. It was the best loukaniko I've tried on the Danforth. It was very lean compared to most versions I've tasted. The artichoke pastitso wasn't layered like the traditional version, but it did use a bechamel sauce and the pastitso noodles, which resemble penne. Its taste reminded me more of a twist on macaroni and cheese than traditional pastitso, which tends to contain tomato and be somewhat similar tastewise to lasagna. I liked the pork belly, but my dining companions didn't seem to like it as much as the other dishes. The marouli salata was fine.

          I'm glad that it's possible to order off the Avli menu, in case you're dining with people who are craving the traditional/standard Greek options. In our group, 2 people leaned toward Avli's dishes, and 2 people were craving for the old standards.

          4 mezes, a salad, and a $52 bottle of wine came to $118 before tip. I thought it was a reasonable. I'm sure I'll be back sometime soon.

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            Hi phoenikia, i'm glad you liked it. It's a pretty good deal when 4 can eat for that price. Even though it rarely gets a mention here, sometimes it's packed solid! A few months we were there and we had to wait 15 minutes for a table. I'd recommend Lambros to anyone looking for something different (and good) in Greektown.

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              Hey foodyDudey, agree that it is a pretty good deal;)
              The restaurant wasn't too busy last week- seems that the economy, January and the weather are really hurting the business on the Danforth. Which meant our food arrived quickly and we were able to spend a couple hours enjoying our food and wine without feeling rushed.

              1. re: phoenikia

                Either I was looking in the wrong spot or this place has suddenly disappeared without nary a mention. This had to have happened awhile ago because something else is already open. Couldn't quite tell but looked like some kind of sports bar?

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                  Lambros closed down at least a couple of months ago.

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                    R.I.P. The one, the only, the last good Greek resto on The Danforth.