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Dec 19, 2001 05:08 PM

What was your favorite meal this year?

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In an effort to stimulate discussion, I'm proposing a year-end topic, what was your favorite restaurant dish or meal this year, preferably in L.A., but anywhere for that matter.
I'm thinking giant scallops from Maine at the Water Grill, various Thai dishes at Ruen Pair, sushi at Sushi Gen...
What about you guys?

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  1. At Il Boccacio in Redondo Beach; Lamb Stew with a 3 litre of '97 Dante Rivetti Bricco de Neueis Barberesco!
    Just spectacular!


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      Vanessa On The Town

      5 Dudley in Venice/Summer 2001

      First course: Consommé soup with a robustly flavorful cold clear broth and fresh cherry and little pear tomatoes.

      Second course: Their amazing Caesar Salad eaten with the fingers. Whole leaves of Romaine, gingery Caesar dressing with a bite and a crust of parmesean on top. Yum!

      Third course: Seafood pasta. Homemade Tagliatelle pasta, shrimp, calamari in a light white wine and I think shallot sauce. Topped with a huge lump of fresh crab meat and some sort of unusual soft white cheese. Fantastic!

      Dessert: Can't remember details completely, but it was orgasmic. Rich chocolate cake (maybe flourless) with some sort of berries or fruit.

      1. bouillabaisse at Water Grill

        oysters in broth at Shibucho

        suckling pig at Lucques

        and, under the "anywhere for that matter" category, a searingly hot quesadilla with squash blossoms and epizote at an indian market outside of Oaxaca

        1. favorite meal? probably a picnic on the bluffs of the mendocino headlands with a bunch of california cheeses, a couple of bottles of beaujolais, some great fruit and a really spectacular panforte from san francisco (rulli). oh, and good friends.
          best restaurant meal? probably french laundry two nights before that.

          1. I can't remember my favorite, but this particular LA Times food critic outlines his favorite new restaurant in this article (at least in OC):