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Feb 13, 2008 06:44 PM

Keeping fellow Chowhounds apprised of restaurant closings.


It has been a most disappointing week for this Chowhound in regard to sampling the eclectic, culinary offerings scouted out through this otherwise helpful website. Two separate restaurant locations were simply 'not available',
The CORVINA restaurant on Kingston Road, whose "chicken paprika", was the object of my desire for dinner after learning here about it's remarkable taste, was discovered to be (presumably ) closed and out of business. A call for a takeout order yielded a recorded message only........... "THE NUMBER YOU HAVE REACHED IS NOT IN SERVICE"
Tonight, after begging here for suggestions (SEE "February is "Black History" month- African Restaurant Suggestions?) reading several reviews, studing entrees, much anticipation and speculation about the upcoming experience, I was abruptly notified that the selected establishment was ..."CLOSED FOR A FEW WEEKS DUE TO RENOVATIONS"
SIMBA'S GRILL on Donlands Ave, according to the voice on the phone, presumably one of the principal owners, is TEMPORARILY CLOSED and will remain unopen for 2 or 3 weeks while it undergoes some form of RENOVATION.
Thank you in advance.
Can you empathize, if this same sort of fate has befallen you even once in a week's time.
As a knowledgeable collective of eyes and ears what can be done to help prevent this type of occurence?

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  1. Let's just hope it's not the victim of another Restaurant Makeover!

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    1. re: estragon

      If you are refering to Simba's Grill, I have a gut instinct (most obvious place for a Chowhound to get an instinct) that this just might be "Lights out" for that little spot. After all as I understand it the proprieter-couple is aged and there was a noticeable hesitation and just the slightest hint of untruth when the woman on the phone responded to my inquiry about the grill's ability to seat me for a dinner this evening.
      QUOTE;." The restaurant is closed ..for umh..renovations" It may be two or ..OH,.. maybe even several weeks before we'll open again". "I'm sorry"
      End QUOTE
      Let's just hope that I read her wrong!

    2. I was wondering about Corvina. I noticed that it has been for sale now for quite a while (I keep seeing the ad in the paper.)


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        1. Alas, such is the nature of the restaurant business. I always check for a yellow pages listing before venturing out to anything recommended here. Sometimes I even call to confirm their hours, but mainly to see if they still exist. The Balkan Bistro was a notable disappointment.

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            That's a prudent thing to do,missmu. Unfortunately it's often, in my routine and I'm sure the same for others, the last of the preparations I make before venturing out. Also, while viewing the Chowhound threads I will write down on paper the name and general local for an interesting eatery suggested and when I'm in a certain GTA neighbourhood I'll check my list for one of the recommendations. A spontaneous visit rather than a planned outing. I'm not a cell phone carrier so I usually just show up at the last minute ready to eat.
            Sound familar?

            1. re: fruglescot

              Apparently the" Ho-Lee Chow takeout location at Woodbine and Queen S.t East has been reported closed as of this date.

          2. The original comment has been removed