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Feb 13, 2008 06:28 PM

Timpano Chophouse - DO NOT GO!!!!

Bostonian Chowhound visting Orlando looking for a great steak house and trying to stay away from the chains. After Samba Room (for a great drink and delicious appetizers) we decided to walk next door to Timpano Chophouse.....BIG MISTAKE!!!!!

Where do I begin. We were seated and ordered a bottle of wine - nothing unusual, but soon after I realized that the waitress came over about every 3 minutes asking if we were ready to order. Typically at a "nice restaurant" I like to take my time, enjoy a drink and browse the menu. Finally we ordered our steaks, a salad and a side dish. Two minutes later our salad and onion rings appeared on our table. I questioned the waitress about the O-rings coming out before I meal. She told me "that's how we do it here", so I left it alone. So....about 30 minutes later, our meals had still not come out, our onion rings were cold and our waitress hadn't come by in a very long time (as opposed to her asking us constantly if we were ready to order), so I decided to contact the restaurant manager.

The restaurant manager was the ONLY positive aspect of the entire evening. I couldn't even begin to tell you how bad our experience was - trust me, I'm only mentioning a small portion of the negative experience we had.

In the end my husband's veal chop came out and my NY strip. I cut into mine and he cut into his....COMPLETELY RAW (one was ordered Medium and the other Medium Rare)! I got up, found the restaurant manager and told him I wanted to pay for my bottle of wine and be on our way.! Again, he was very accommodating and the only pleasant experience.

P.S. When my husband used the restroom there were no paper towels near the sink....aren't we suppossed to encourage people to wash their hands?????

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  1. I was never happy with the Timpano's in Hyde Park Village - Tampa either.

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      Ditto. On top of an unimpressive menu, the joint was a total meat market. They did make a sensational from-scratch Mojito. Or am I remembering Samba Room?

    2. Wow, I've been to the one in Fort Lauderdale several times and had a great experience each time, and great fact, one evening when my husband and I had reservations somewhere else on Las Olas, we stopped there just for drinks before dinner. They used to have a Banana Truffle Martini on their menu that was wonderful and I craved it...they had taken it off their menu, and the waitress wasn't familiar with it, but asked for me, and the bartender gladly made me one. Another occasion I took my mom for lunch for her birthday just for their fabulous mussels. One night, we met friends there for pre-dinner drinks and appetizers in the bar area.....they had reservations for dinner there, but we had made reservations somewhere else, and this was a spur of the moment thing to meet beforehand. Everything we've ever had there has been great and we've always had good service whether for drinks, lunch or dinner... sorry you had such a bad experience....!

      1. I have always liked Timpano in Hyde Park Village for lunch, because the atmosphere and quality-to-price ratio both seem to hit the spot. For dinner, I'd stick with appetizers and cocktails, I know it calls itself a steakhouse, chophouse, whatever, but it's just not.

        1. Ditto on Timpano. I had the worst ceasar salad there. It smelled like the dressing had red wine in it, which does not go with caesar. I don't even remember what else I had, it was that lackluster.

          Samba Room rocks though!

          1. Hard to believe they both have the same owners.