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Feb 13, 2008 06:23 PM


Has anyone eaten at Akbar Indian Restaurant in Plano? Is it any good? Went by there the other day on the way to Bavarian Grill and I was curious.

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  1. We've had both dinner and lunch buffet there. We thought the food was decent (the chicken tikka masala from the menu was pretty good) 2 yrs ago, but last year when we ate there, it wasn't very good and I asked the waiter if the management had changed--he said no. We might give them one last chance when we're in the area (since we have the entertainment card).

    1. Akbar is still on my list of Indian restaurants, but kinda by default -- they've been around for a very long time. That said, I still think they were top-notch when they first opened on Coit Rd.back in the late 80's -- long before moving to their present spot in Plan Zero.

      Their food is just... kinda... typical northern Indian fare. Now back in the 80's, ANY Indian fare was considered about as exotic as food could get here in DFW. But now, there's so many choices. One thing is for certain, Akbar was there at the beginning of the Indian wave.

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        I used to go there, too, in the early 90s, and it was fantastic. Great buffet, lots of variety, everything well done. I went there for old times sake a couple of years ago and was dismayed to discover that it had really declined terribly.

        1. re: blessed02

          I have eaten there for years, and have yet to find better Indian food in the area. Until then, AKBAR is my regular.

      2. Back when Akbar's was on Coit it was one of the better Indian restaurants around.
        When they moved to Plano we were thrilled, Sadly, the food quality went way down.
        And lets just say that I don't expect to see thing moving in the buffet.
        I won't be back.