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Dec 19, 2001 04:44 PM

Healing Soups

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So, it's the holidays and it's Flu season. Just thought I would post my favorite healing soup. I work on the Third Street Promenade and there's a restaurant called Yangtze there. Overall there food is just okay, but their wonton soup is the perfect cold or flu cure-all. Also, just a nice comforting soup in the winter. It has pieces of chicken, shrimp, pork & shrimp wontons and lots of fresh spinach and garlic. The broth is infused with the garlic flavor which I assume is what makes it so good and healing. If you don't like garlic, don't get it.

Does anybody else have soup favorites for the ills of Winter? Best chicken soup? Best veggie soup? Etc...

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  1. I'm voting for the hand-rolled noodle soup at Mandarin Deli downtown -- I think the noodles are better or fresher or something at the one on Broadway, plus that one has steamed fish dumplings.
    But I'm also a big fan of nabeyaki udon at Suehiro or Mishima.

    1. 888 at 888 Valley in Rosemead has these wonderful slow cooked soups you order individually - black bone chicken soup, turtle meat soup, all done with Chinese medicinal herbs.

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        Yes! Chinese chicken soup is the best this time of year when the winds outside are blustering. "Good for you" too. My grandmother makes it, and I love to see a pot waiting for me when I go home. She buys a whole black chicken (not sure why, but she says something about the meat being sweeter and therefore the soup being better) and simmers it for hours with water and ginger. Each time she adds in different ingredients, different amounts: sometimes red dates, ham, ginseng, shitake mushrooms, and a lot of unidentifiable other things...always different, almost always good.

        If I can't get that, the winter melon soups (served in the whole melon, not diced) at most Chinese restaurants are also spectacular.

        I also remember really enjoying the Hot and Sour soup at Chinese Friends in Chinatown. Dark, rich soup with bamboo bits, woodear, swirls of egg. Good peppery spiciness to it, with an aftertaste of vinegar. Perfect balance.

      2. Miso. Asahi Ramen. Sawtelle. Closed Thursday.