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Best Veggie Burger Patty?

I've tried Amy's veggie burger patties, but I'm not crazy about them. I want to believe that there is a veggie burger patty that is more interesting and delicious. I have access to "regular" grocery stores as well as restaurant suppliers, so I'd welcome suggestions for brands or suppliers that I should consider. Thanks!

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    1. re: Lucia

      Me too - I think those are the best. And I love the photo of Dr Praeger on the back of the box, he looks so pissed off in that photo.

    2. I like Boca Flame Grilled and Original Chik'n and Morningstar Farms Okara Patties. I'm with you on Amy's - seriously eh. In fact, every Amy's product I've tried has been sub-par. Dr. Praeger's tastes ok, but the texture is nasty, like mush.

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      1. re: small h

        I concur w/ Boca - the pizza flavor is really good as well as the original.

        Gardenburger ain't bad, but for meaty flavor, the Boca is more burger reminiscent, not just a tasty patty substitute.

        1. re: Emme

          Thats exactly the reason I dont like Boca burgers. I haven't had meat in atleast 15 years, so its not a texure I crave or miss, if anything the texture is off-putting for me.

        2. re: small h

          Another vote for Boca Flame Grilled.

        3. President's Choice brand....Yves........the veggie burger at M&M Meats (all Canada).....Costco had a portobella mushroom veggie burger that i tried once or twice that wasn't too bad. The Schnieders brand does good veggie meatballs and such, not sure but i think they also have a veggie burger.

          As for restaurants......the best i've had is at Montana's steak house, it's huge and they do great toppings....Swiss Chalet is also good for a veggie burger and fast food is Burger King or even A&W.

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          1. re: im_nomad

            I agree: the best veggie burger I have ever had is at the Montana's Cook House chain: does anyone know a recipe or a close approximation? I might try to deconstruct it next time I go there.

            This thing is seriously meaty (I prefer it over their other burgers) to the point of being hard pressed to tell the difference.

          2. I like all the Gardenburgers, especially the sundried tomato and basil ones.

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            1. re: Put a Sake in it

              I love the original Gardenburger - it tastes like veggies. But I also crave the vegan Boca Burger once in a while, if only for the texture. Too bad I can't find it in Toronto.

              1. re: Put a Sake in it

                forget the packaged ones. do you have a houston's restaurant nearby? oats, black beans, beets, brown rice, molasses...best veggie burger you'll ever eat.

                if you can't get to the restaurant, you can whip up a pretty close approximation at home...


                it contains one egg white, so if you're not a lacto-ovo veg you can omit it, and obviously forgo the jack cheese on top or use a veg substitute. they're well worth the effort.

              2. Just curious, are you afte a meaty texture or more of a rice and grain texture? I really like the portobella Gardenburger. I've wondered about the Amy's but they have walnuts and I have a nut allergy. Have you tried making your own?

                1. I love Sunshine Burgers. They have them at Whole Foods & most health food stores.
                  They have a good "sink your teeth into it" texture, from sunflower seeds, carrots, & brown rice. (no soy) I make a killer veggie "meat sauce" with it.

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                  1. re: monalisawoman

                    Me too. I've been enjoying Sunshine Burgers for many years. The company recently introduced some new flavors, but I prefer "original" flavor.

                    Sunshine burgers are dense, and very tasty. I like to eat them with a little tahini, or some fruit salad. Very good with cooked greens.


                  2. Wanted to like Dr. Praeger's, but they were practically inedible for us. We tried them on the grill and various other ways, but never could get them to come out well. I think we used to get Boca flame grilled a fair bit, reasonable if you want something that kinda sorta replaces a meat burger

                    Now the only ones we always have in the house are Trader Joe's Vegetable Masala Burgers. These don't pretend to be a meat burger replacement, but they're definitely more interesting! Highly recommended.

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                    1. re: CrazyOne

                      I, too, am a Trader Joe's Masala veggie burger fan.
                      CrazyOne, I completely agree with your "more interesting" description, with all the various vegetables and potato pieces. Also, they crisp up nicely on the grill and hold together.
                      Because I enjoy their texture and flavor so much, I prefer them plain without a bun.

                      1. re: liu

                        These are our favorite too! Terrific with a little chutney or ginger pica-pepper sauce!

                        1. re: meatn3

                          Good pairing ideas, meatn3; I especially like the dollop of chutney!

                    2. My favorite is the original flavor of Gardenburger. I'm not a big fan of the "fake meat" style of burgers (I eat meat anyway), but I love these veggie and grain patties.

                      This is a very popular brand of veggie burger that is sold to food service, too. When you order a veggie burger in a restaurant, these are frequently the ones you get.

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                      1. re: manraysky

                        I weigh in with the Doctor. I agree with manray, I like Dr.Prager because it doesn't try to be meat.

                        1. re: lucyis

                          Morningstar Farms Griller's Vegan burgers are our family's favorite.

                      2. Trader Joe's Vegetable Masala burgers are pretty good. Potatoes, carrots, green beans, bell peppers, onions and spices. Works better than you'd think. Nothing like a "real" burger, but tasty.

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                        1. re: Glencora

                          i eat a veggie burger here and there i like some of them the ones i don't like are the ones with flavor crap added to attempt to taste like meat
                          you want meat flavor it meat
                          take a veggie burger for what it is it 's good take it to replace a real one it's crap

                          1. re: foodperv

                            Boca, flame grilled. They don't have that strange vegetable mash type of texture/taste. Not meat, but meat-like enough to satisfy a non-vegan.

                          2. re: Glencora

                            Yeah, I really like TJ's Masala patties. Tasty with good ingredients in them.

                          3. After several years on a vegetarian diet we are trying to make the move to vegan. It is amazing how many of the veggie burgers contain dairy products. Anyway, our former favorite (contains diary) was Morningstar Prime Grillers. We are still trying out the vegan patties.

                            Last weekend I was cleaning out the garage and found a small George Foreman Grill that must have been a present from the last decade. Cleaned it up and have used it for grilling veggies and veggie patties. It really does a good and quick job of grilling the patties. Nice texture. I am not quite sure if Dr. Praegers would stand up.

                            1. I adore the veggie burgers from Costco. They come like 18 to a pack and are in the refrigerated section. I'll eat them without a bun, or even put it into a wrap with some hummus or tzatziki. I just wish the pack had less burgers as we have a hard time finishing them sometimes.

                              The TJ Veggie Masala Burgers are also good. They are basically "aloo tikkis" (indian potato patties). I usually make them into an "indian/SE Asian burger), so I'll do sliced cucumber, cheese (sometimes), and indian chilli sauce or mint chutney if I have it.

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                              1. re: boogiebaby

                                As I posted just above yours, I really like the TJ Masala burger. Your version sounds really good!
                                The cheese seems a little too rich for me, so I think I will substitute in a spread of yogurt with the cucumber and chutney...and no bun! Thanks for this idea!

                                1. re: liu

                                  Another vote for the TJ Masala burger here.

                              2. I am a big fan of all of the varieties of Sunshine Burgers, but my absolute favorite is Morningstar Farm's Asian Veggie Patties.

                                1. In the Ottawa area The Nutburg is the best I have ever eaten. It is made with nuts and not soya based, truly yummy