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Feb 13, 2008 05:28 PM

Best Veggie Burger Patty?

I've tried Amy's veggie burger patties, but I'm not crazy about them. I want to believe that there is a veggie burger patty that is more interesting and delicious. I have access to "regular" grocery stores as well as restaurant suppliers, so I'd welcome suggestions for brands or suppliers that I should consider. Thanks!

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    1. re: Lucia

      Me too - I think those are the best. And I love the photo of Dr Praeger on the back of the box, he looks so pissed off in that photo.

    2. I like Boca Flame Grilled and Original Chik'n and Morningstar Farms Okara Patties. I'm with you on Amy's - seriously eh. In fact, every Amy's product I've tried has been sub-par. Dr. Praeger's tastes ok, but the texture is nasty, like mush.

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      1. re: small h

        I concur w/ Boca - the pizza flavor is really good as well as the original.

        Gardenburger ain't bad, but for meaty flavor, the Boca is more burger reminiscent, not just a tasty patty substitute.

        1. re: Emme

          Thats exactly the reason I dont like Boca burgers. I haven't had meat in atleast 15 years, so its not a texure I crave or miss, if anything the texture is off-putting for me.

        2. re: small h

          Another vote for Boca Flame Grilled.

        3. President's Choice brand....Yves........the veggie burger at M&M Meats (all Canada).....Costco had a portobella mushroom veggie burger that i tried once or twice that wasn't too bad. The Schnieders brand does good veggie meatballs and such, not sure but i think they also have a veggie burger.

          As for restaurants......the best i've had is at Montana's steak house, it's huge and they do great toppings....Swiss Chalet is also good for a veggie burger and fast food is Burger King or even A&W.

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          1. re: im_nomad

            I agree: the best veggie burger I have ever had is at the Montana's Cook House chain: does anyone know a recipe or a close approximation? I might try to deconstruct it next time I go there.

            This thing is seriously meaty (I prefer it over their other burgers) to the point of being hard pressed to tell the difference.

          2. I like all the Gardenburgers, especially the sundried tomato and basil ones.

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            1. re: Put a Sake in it

              I love the original Gardenburger - it tastes like veggies. But I also crave the vegan Boca Burger once in a while, if only for the texture. Too bad I can't find it in Toronto.

              1. re: Put a Sake in it

                forget the packaged ones. do you have a houston's restaurant nearby? oats, black beans, beets, brown rice, veggie burger you'll ever eat.

                if you can't get to the restaurant, you can whip up a pretty close approximation at home...


                it contains one egg white, so if you're not a lacto-ovo veg you can omit it, and obviously forgo the jack cheese on top or use a veg substitute. they're well worth the effort.

              2. Just curious, are you afte a meaty texture or more of a rice and grain texture? I really like the portobella Gardenburger. I've wondered about the Amy's but they have walnuts and I have a nut allergy. Have you tried making your own?