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Feb 13, 2008 04:37 PM

group of 25...Harvard Sq? dinner friday

I know I know
this is a loooooong shot!
but my cousin is coming into town with his squash team and my aunt is in charge of making the dinner reservations for the team.

any ideas?
Borders and Bertucci's is a no reservations. They do want something relatively nice-ish...parents, players, and a couple couches....

as most are staying around the harvard area, i think anything requiring a cab would be OKAY, but not ideal.....walking distance between Porter and Central?

haha, my mom told her to call me, and i knew who to come to....
Thanks in advance for any suggestions! I'll be calling her tomorrow. and perhaps making some inquiries on my own? but i trust you all the most!

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  1. that's tough. you need a fairly big place. maybe cambridge common? not the best chowish but still reliable.

    1. another thought would be john harvard's. see my comments about cambridge common. exactly the same thoughts on john harvards

      1. This is a tough one. Possibly Grafton Street, which is not my favorite, but seems to meet your criteria.

        Also, are we talking this Friday?

        1. I believe Daedalus rents out the upper level to groups, but it might be too late in the game.

          1. Monday Club at Upstairs on the Square. Everything from burgers to well executed entrees. Really fun room. The Zebra Room holds parties up to 40.

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            1. re: FoonFan

              Thank you all for your suggestions!
              They were able to secure a room/space at John Harvard's, which I think really hits the spot for what they were looking for.

              once again, CHs to the rescue. hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :)