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Feb 13, 2008 04:23 PM

Jai Yun: What did I eat?

On a recent trip to SF, I joined a group of friends for an excellent meal at Jai Yun. While the food was great, there were a couple dishes we couldn't identify. Don't worry, it didn't stop us from enjoying them!

After some research, I've found photos and descriptions that cleared up most of the things we had questions on (abalone, wheat gluten, other ingredients in various salads). Most of the dishes appeared to be things that have been in rotation for a while. Can you help me figure out the last mystery?

It was something that looked like chicken knee joints, tasted like pork, and was clearly mostly cartilage... but a nice, chewable cartilage.

I've included photos of the mystery dish, but you can see everything that came with our $45 menu on flickr at

All in all it was a wonderful experience. We were a little worried when we turned out to be the only diners in the restaurant (a truly eerie feeling), but once the food started coming, we stopped worrying! Everything was prepared meticulously, and there were many amazing dishes I had never had before. My favorites were the satisfying abalone, the crisp and tender fried eggplant and the rich pork knuckle.

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    1. I believe you are correct. Stir fried chicken knees. Not commonly served in the US, but I've had them in Hong Kong before.

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        We have had that a couple of times in Vancouver.

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          Never saw chicken ankles (that's how they were described to me) prior to eating them in Vancouver about three years ago, but all of a sudden they're becoming quite common in the Los Angeles area, and I'd be surprised if they haven't already made their way to other Bay Area Chinese restaurants.

        2. nice images! thanks ..... which menu $$ did you order - if you don't mind me asking?
          you had quite a few dishes so it doesn't appear to be the $45 one ........

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            oops! I didn't read your post very thoroughly - you did have the $45 menu. thanks.

          2. Definitely looks like chicken knees, which I've never seen on a Shanghainese menu. There's a restaurant in Monterey Park (L.A. area) that's famous for a chicken knee dish, which almost looks like it came from the same chef:


            1. thanks for the reminder about that wonderful eggplant!