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Feb 13, 2008 04:21 PM

Chinese bakeries, Denver area?

I'm looking for a chinese bakery that sells savory buns and the like anywhere in the greater Denver area. I got addicted to these pastries when I lived near Boston and could easily pop by any number of places to pick up an assortment of tasty treats. My favorite destinations in Boston where the Ho Yuen bakery in chinatown, and the one across the street on the corner, near the chinatown arch (no idea what the name is).

I don't know the actual names of things, but I'm looking for:
meat buns (pork, beef)
lotus seed cake
bean muffin *
gooey peanut-filled rice dumpling
coconut pie or bun
curry pie/bun

I am *not* looking for:
sponge cake
hame & egg or mini-hotdog bun
those things that look like giant rice crispy treats

* this item was usually labeled 'muffin' in Boston but was more like a translucent rice-dough pancake stuffed with bean paste

Pacific Ocean Mart has a small assortment of pastries, but mostly not the kinds I am looking for. I tried a few pastries from POM and didn't think they were very good - even threw away the taro-pork one because it was too salty and had an unpleasant texture. I have heard of the Vinh Xuong bakery, but it is a long drive for me (I am in Boulder) and I am not sure if it has what I am looking for vs. Vietnamese baguettes/banh mi.


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  1. I know there are a few Chinese bakeries in the Asian Plaza at Alameda and Federal. I haven't tried them, but I think they have what you are looking for.

    1. I just asked this question of Charsiu recently; next time he logs on the boards, perhaps he can weigh in.

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        It's been a couple of years, but there was one on the north side of the Far East Center at Alameda and Federal (the one with all the pagoda architecture) on the first level that was pretty decent. They had excellent don tots (don=egg, tot=corruption of tart), which are those bite-sized custard pies. If I recall correctly, a friend of mine and I demolished a bag of them in record time. If you're looking for BBQ pork buns (charsiu=my name, Chinese BBQ pork, bao=bun), I buy them by the dozen at King's Land's takeout counter.

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          Cool, thanks! I haven't been down to the Far East Center yet, clearly I will have to make a trip...

      2. Vinh Xuong is the bakery in the Far East Center (in the southwest corner), unless there's another one there I don't know about (quite possible). They have a pretty extensive selection of pastries (love the sesame balls), and they do banh mi. I am also fond of their tapioca puddings. I couldn't say what their meat buns are like, but they often have spring rolls that are good.