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Feb 13, 2008 04:14 PM

The Cravery

walking down mission between 5th and 4th, i saw a new store front that i coudln't pass up.

The Cravery - Hand Held potpies.

they let me sample the chipotle chicken pot pie and i was totally impressed.
the crust was light and flaky and the filling was prety tasty.
i will be going back.
6 bucks for a pot pie to go!

i guess they are a chain from Irvine, but i don't care, chain or no chain, all pot pies are fattening, so if i am going to pig out, it may as well taste good...

Just thought i would share the news.

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  1. Across from Bloomingdale's, in the shops next to Mel's, under the garage?

    Thanks for the itp...I'll definately check it out.