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Feb 13, 2008 04:14 PM

best dim sum in flushing?

my husband and i are exploring flushing on saturday and need tips on where to go! the cheaper, the spicier, the more authentic the better.

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  1. Don't know about spicy, but here are some recent leads ...

    1. Dim sum are not spicy. A dish of hot mustard and chili sauce generally is an accompaniment Worchestershire sauce is applied to certain dishes and mayonnaise
      is served with shrimp wrapped with bacon. Soy sauce may be requested. That about does itfor spiciness.

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        And with the best stuff, you don't really need to add anything.

      2. Ocean Jewels is a perennial favorite in my family, very fresh. Tried Jade Asia recently and enjoyed it as well, prices at Jade Asia are cheaper and they have a more innovative selection.

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        1. re: moymoy

          I recently went to both Ocean Jewels and Jade Asia. I will have to give the nod to Jade Asia as they definitely are cheaper and have a bigger selection. However, when I went to Ocean Jewels, most of the dim sum was lukewarm while Jade Asia was piping hot.

          And I agree with budcar -- aside from the condiment of spicy sauce, dim sum is not supposed to be spicy. Have you had spicy dim sum before?

        2. Can't go wrong with any of the places mentioned in the Digest. Dim sum is Cantonese in origin, and Cantonese taste buds and spicy foods generally mix like oil and water. Indeed many Cantonese eaters are downright wimps when it comes to spiciness, so if it's spicy it's not authentic.

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            DH grew up with Cantonese food and is not crazy about spicy food. He likes his Chinese food bland and soothing. Since he's been with me, he's been to more Ethiopian, Korean and Sichuan restaurants than he would care to.

            To the OP -- if you like spicy food so much, you may want to try a couple of Sichuan restaurants like Spicy and Tasty or Little Pepper in Flushing. If you want variety like dim sum, you can order a whole bunch of appetizers/small plates like dan dan noodles, Sichuan wontons, tripe in hot pepper sauce, etc.