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Feb 13, 2008 04:05 PM

Southern Thai Menu Additions at Jitlada

Jitlada recently made a few additions to the Southern Thai menu:

Here is my translation:

plaa neung ma-nao: steamed seabass fillets with lime

plaa neung het hawm: steamed seabass fillets with ginger and mushrooms

thawt man plaa/kung: fried fish or shrimp cakes with a sweet, spicy dipping sauce

kaeng tai kae: spicy, turmeric-seasoned curry with lamb, jicama, and peppers

tom khaa kop: robustly-flavoured coconut milk soup with galangal and frogs' legs

puu phat phong ka-rii: whole dungeness crab stir-fried with curry powder and assorted vegetables <advance notice required>

puu nim phat phong ka-rii: soft-shelled crab stir-fried with curry powder and assorted vegetables

kung phae chup thawt: deep-fried shrimp skewers with curry paste and wild tea leaves

tom pret plaa lai: "demon-style" sour and spicy soup with chiles, straw mushrooms, and eel

muu/neua maeh chan: "my mother's-style" grilled pork or beef // grilled, peppered pork or beef with papaya salad and sticky rice

tom yam khai plaa : sour and spicy soup with mackerel roe, fish fillets, and shrimp

phat lung khûa klíng khài plaa: phatthalung-style spicy, turmeric-seasoned, dry curry with mackerel roe

And, here is a Jitlada picture set I've started which includes a few of these new items:

At any rate, I can't say enough about the deep-fried shrimp skewers, the curried crab preps, and the eel soup. If you like your Thai food "tuned up," I'd specifically recommend the eel. It'll leave your wig on the floor.


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  1. Thanks for letting us know, Erik. It's definitely time for another visit, the shrimp skewers sound great.

    1. are these untranslated on the menu? will they be adding translations in the near future?
      thanks for your hard work.

      el linus

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      1. re: linus

        Hi, Linus.

        They've included their own rough-and-ready translation on the latest menu insert but my version is far more accurate/detailed. [Transliterations, descriptions, additions. subtractions, corrections, etc.] When they finally get around to reprinting the menu for real, something very close to what you see above will be included.


        1. re: Erik M

          many thanks. may your sator beans always be replenished.

          el linus

          1. re: linus

            bump. had the eel soup + tumeric lamb curry a few weeks back. they were friggin fantastic.

            lamb curry, why didn't they think of it earlier?

            1. re: TonyC

              Do I sense ennui, TC? If so, it might be time for you to start working on an advanced degree.

              Here, try this next time:

              1) Ask Phii Tui to make you the as-yet-unlisted kai khii-min, or "deep-fried turmeric-seasoned chicken."

              2) Accompany it with one of the vegetable-intensive Southern curries which IS NOT turmeric-based, like, say, the green curry.

              When taken together with lots of rice (and the occasional bite of crisp vegetable garnish) we're talking heaven. Really, it's probably my favourite meal these days.



              P.S. Did your version of the eel soup contain naam phrik phao, or "chile jam"? Did it have a reddish cast? If so, you've got to try it the other way--the original, hotter-than-hell way--with a clear broth, i.e., naam sai. THAT is the version which truly deserves the name, "devil-style."