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Dec 18, 2001 01:18 PM

Chicago style pizza in LA?

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I love New York style pizza, with its flat foldy goodness, and it's the First Pizza of my Heart, but nonetheless, I also like Chicago style deep-dish pizza.

I've been having a craving for real deep dish pizza, at least 5cm thick, with the chunky tomato sauce on the top. I have not been able to find this in LA.

Nearest to Santa Monica/Malibu/Marina del Rey would be best but if it's out of this world (or even in Orange County!) let me know, please!

PS, restaurant reviews are coming... got wrapped up in holiday stuff and couldn't spare the time.

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  1. I think I spotted the place. Venice Boulevard, west of- but in the same block as - the Brazilian place with the patio and Bamboo Restaurant. Just a bit west of Overland, north side of the street. Next door to "Asia Kitchen, Tandoori." Could be called Dave's Chicago Pizza, or something. I poked my head inside to see what was going on: this used to be a terrific hallal shwarma stand. As a very experienced CH, this seemed like the place. The sauce, steaming on the stove, smelled just right. I'll go by in the next few days and post the name, address and phone #.

    1. Well, are you ready for a drive? I mean, a drive across SoCal? It's worth it, though.

      Way out in Moreno Valley (SR 60 and Perris Blvd), 20 minutes beyond Riverside, is the Chicago Pasta House, owned by an ex-Chicago Italian named Dino. His wife does the cooking. He is one of the original "inventors" of the deep-dish pizza.

      Bring an appetite and get as much as possible, because it is filling, but the drive back home is very long.

      Being an ex-Chicagoan, I'm partial to Italian Sausage as the only topping (or should I say stuffing). If this place were in LA or OC it would be a gold mine! It's definately worth the drive a couple times a year when the hunger pang strikes.

      By the way, years ago there used to be a Gino's East in Manhattan Beach, but it went under, darn it. To me, that's still the best, and it can be ordered online (right now they are having a special 4 pizzas for $80 including delivery...not bad).

      Anyways, I am off to Chicago on Saturday, so I will get the real thing! Oh yeah, some Italian Beef, too!

      Bob in RSM, CA

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        That IS quite a drive... maybe next time we go to Palm Springs we can stop there and get some great pizza.

        RSM - Rancho Santa Margarita?

        1. re: PRSMDave


          Right you are...RSM=Rancho Santa Margarita in So OC.

          Until 3 months ago there was a place locally in Laguna Niguel that did CHicago food proud...authentic Italian Beef and sausage, Vienna Hot DOgs, very good ribs, and the best thin crust pizza I have had in CA. Unfortunately, they went under. However, also nearby in Aliso Viejo is Luke's Chicago pizza -- they do a fine job with thin crust pizza, but the italian beef doesn't quite make the cut, and I have yet to try a deep-dish pizza.

          As I said though, the CHicago Pasta House is the REAL thing. One other note if interested in some Chicago-style italian food -- check out Sabatino's in Newport Beach. Pain in the butt to find, but it is very good food overall and the sausage is unreal -- best I've ever had.