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Feb 13, 2008 03:48 PM

Cacahuate Japones Variations?

For those uninitiated... Cacahuate Japones (literally Japanes Peanut) is a common bar snack in Mexico consisting of roasted peanuts with a cruncy coating typically containing corn meal, soy sauce & msg.

At this point can one of our Japanese experts, perhaps Sam Fujisaka, tell us something about this snack... history, provenance etc?

Continuing.... Last night I picked up a bag, at a random Liquor Store in the Chicago area... and they tasted different to me... at first I wasn't too into them but then they grew on my... and as I carefully inspected the label it simply stated "Cajun" underneath Cacahuate Japones... incidently the brand is El Pajarito from Chicago - this is the first regional U.S. variation I have found of this snack and so now I am curious whether there are other variations around the country.

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  1. Only aware of the blue geisha cachuates _ have you seen these?

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      Oh yeah.... Pepecuates that is the brand that was most readily available growing up.

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        These are the best I've had of the cacahuates japones variety. The texture was fresh and light and crunchy. Not hard.
        They're Japanese crackers that have the name
        "Kongo Mamefubuki" written under some Japanese writing (3 blue characters). I purchased these at Nijiya Japanese market which is a chain market. I assume they probably sell these at other Japanese markets. They are 60% cacahuates and the rest a variety of crackers. Please try them and tell me what you think. I hope it is a good recommendation.

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          Thanks will look for those.,.. glad to know at least have some confirmation that there really is a Japanese connection.

    2. I have read about their history in Mexico at least, and apparently, the whole Japanese Peanut craze in the land across the border started from a Japanese immigrant who started producing them in Mexico.

      I have tried different varieties sold in Mexico, from the classic sabritas and geisha ones, however I tend to prefer the ones with a spicy shell.

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        Thanks... that article put me in the right direction.... they mispelled the inventors name its Yoshigei instead of Noshigei.... but the story is confirmed in an El Universal story on the PYMES section.

      2. Does anyone attempt to make these cacahuates Japones at home? I'm familiar with Cacahuates Enchilades.. comal-roasted peanuts with salt, chile powder or flakes, and sometimes garlic.. sometimes lime juice is squeezed over the roasting peanuts and cooked into the nut.. delish!

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          1. Where can these be purchased in the USA? I always try to bring some back from Mexico, but can't find them in the US. Delta also used to serve lemon flavored ones on the trip from Mexico to the US, but the other way. Sabritas is one brand and it is only sold in Mexico.

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              Where do you live? I will find you the nearest source for Japoneses.