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Feb 13, 2008 03:44 PM


Tourist beware. For the record I have been to New Orleans many times and love the vibe and food. Chose Coop's from the chow hound recs. Most of the food was great. However , don't expect a warm reception if your from out of town. The bar tender w/ the chignon was definately not forth coming with what the locals order. When my husband and I asked what the obviously locals were eating, we ordered it.Yes it was good, but the portions were noticably smaller. No biggy! We went back. This time my order came w/ FFs that were a soggy refried mess. I didn't send them back because I had been put in my place by the watiress for getting in her way as I was trying to navigate through the tight space to the bathroom out back. I think I was afraid of a pay back.I was amazed as I was headed to the bathroom that all the grilling was done on a small charoal bbq grill. It was an only in NOLA type of thing. Over all it was an interesting experience. I would go back. My disappointment was .... in this still obviously devistated town there was very little appreciation for those pouring money in to the economy. We were there for a weekand had a great time. Thank yall for absolutely pointing us in the right chow directions. This isn't a complaint, merely an observation.

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  1. That sucks about the smaller, crappier portions. I eat there every so often when I'm in the area and always found that the service sucked. I think they take all that Dr. Bob art a little too seriously.

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      The food is better than the customer service, that's for sure.

    2. Please, stick to the food or service. I live in this "obviously devastated city"...where did you go that was so obviously devastated? I'm really curious, because it would not be where tourist generally go and it is certainly not the French Quarter... we greatly appreciate any one that comes to visit or volunteer to help rebuild our city. And, spending money does help us. But if you expect servers in a dive bar to fall all over you for buying dinner there you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

      Coop's fried chicken rules!

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        The fried chicken w/coleslaw is my favorite as well. My husband's choice is the rabbit & sausage jambalaya. Now I'm getting hungry!

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          The fried chicken is served with a side of the jambalaya!

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          We are out-of-towners, ate at Coops today while nursing serious hangovers, and found no problem with the service. I had read previously that the service there could be icy if you were an obvious tourist, but our server was helpful and friendly. I had the burger and my husband had the "taste of Coops" platter, both portions were enormous and we waddled out happy.

        3. I was clearly a tourist when I visited in March of '07----iPod earbuds sticking out of my shirt and all, but I felt completely at home there in short order. Maybe it was the jukebox....

          1. We love New Orleans and for the most part hate tourists. We love Coop's because you are supposed to be a regular or at least act like one-know what you what dont ask for a menu and be glad you ar not in Razu's (s.p) fighting for 3 for 1 happy hour and whatever is in the that test tube! Coops has bad service down to a science and it keeps us coming back. Cant touch the fried chicken or the Crawfish beignets when they are in season.


            1. I hope that luvbigeasy reads this.

              Funny that you brought that up wilwrk. We were in NOLA and at Coop’s for the first time in May of 2006. We had asked a bartender at a club the night before where he would eat and well...So anyway, we are at Coops at the bar talking to Fay the lead bartender. She was very nice and was even kind enough to mention a few other local spots. While she was speaking to us one of the locals sitting across from us at the bar said "Don't miss Margarita Ville across the street!” At that point, Fay excused herself and went over to the woman and calmly asked her to leave.

              She returned to us and offered this apology…

              She thanked us for coming in and even for coming to New Orleans so soon after the storm, stating that every penny spent from tourist or local, in the Quarter at a dive or a tourist trap like Buffet’s Margarita Ville helps put people back to work. Many of the restaurants were still not open then because a large portion of the wait staff and prep cooks lived in the parishes that had been flooded.

              Wilwrk made a good point and used “obvious” correctly.

              On a side note, we will be married in New Orleans in June, and will DEFINITELY stop in to see Fay, and eat Coop’s fantastic food!


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                I found Coops while on my honeymoon almost 13 years ago. Every return trip we go to Coop's at least once and usually several times since we most often stay on Frechmen Street. I have never had bad service there ever.

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                  Bet you never look at a menu.... Been going to Coops at least that long do miss the old jukebox it was the bomb!


                2. re: funejack

                  May 2006 was almost two years ago, though. If we're using the number of restaurants in NOLA as a benchmark for recovery, then we're doing really well. There's actually more restaurants here now than there were pre-K! I wouldn't agree with "obviously devastated" at all.

                  In regards to service at Coops...while I wouldn't describe it as impeccable, I think it's a fair trade-off for their awesome jambalaya! When I want good service, I will go to Brigtsen's.

                  1. re: hamsandwich

                    Thanks hamsandwich...I guess I let wilwrk's comment get to me...I own a business that caters to tourist. Without them I would not be in believe me I appreciate and Thank God for everyone of them. Having been back in NOLA since mid September 2005 the only "obviously devastated" parts of the city today are the parts that were affected by the Federal Flood (and I see progress there)...not the areas that our guests visit i.e. "the sliver by the river" that was damaged by the Hurricane itself. For wilwrk to say that New Orleanians do not appreciate our guests is...well it is just wrong. So let's stick to food, after all that's what this board is all about. And, as I said, Coops' Fried Chicken rules!