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Feb 13, 2008 03:41 PM

Valentines Day In Brooklyn?

New to the area, and looking for a nice place to take my valentine tomorrow. Starting in Carroll Gardens, but I'd be willing to go elsewhere. Quiet would be good, as would moderate prices. French, Italian, whatever, I'm flexible. It'd be good if the place a few vegetarian options... thoughts?

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  1. Frankie's 457 is wonderful in terms of both ambience and quality of food. They certainly have vegetarian options (I've been there a few times with my mom; both of us are vegetarian, and we've always left full). They don't take reservations, though, so you'll probably have to wait for at least a half hour, if not more.

    1. You can try Caffe Carciofo in cobble hill, Noodle pudding in the heights either of these you can't go wrong with. Plenty of choices in you area too.

      1. We've been to Patois on Valentine's Day several times, and it's always romantic and delicious. With the fireplace it's so cozy (ask for a table near it when you reserve) and the special menu has never disappointed. (You MUST get the financier for dessert--it's out of this world.) A lot of people on this board don't like Patois, but we've always had a nice time there on Valentine's Day.