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Bev Hills lunch spot?

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do you know of any place open on President's Day (this Monday) that's got tasty, healthy food? No pasta or white bread or sugar...thanks!!

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  1. Not exactly Bev. Hills but how about Real Food Daily on La Cienega? It's vegetarian so I would assume that qualifies as healthy.

    1. Any of the Neiman Marcus restaurants would work. I, particularly, like the casual Fresh Market on the third floor.

      1. i wonder if newsroom cafe on robertson is open... bet they are, but i'd call and check. good healthy food.

        i doubt it's open but oliver serves great healthy refreshing food. again, i'd call.

        urth caffe has some healthy options.

        [and fwiw, vegetarian does not equal healthy at all]

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          Frida's on South Beverly Dr. Authentic DF (Mexico City) food. Amazing salsa too.

        2. BreadBar has many whole wheat and other non-white breads. They also have plenty of salads and other entrees that might suit your needs.

          1. I love the Newsroom Cafe's food. I also really like Il Buco's soups and salads and fish. (They serve pasta, but you can avoid it easily.) Bossa Nova on Beverly also has great salads.