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Feb 13, 2008 03:18 PM

Good sandwich recipe for everyday?

I make sandwiches for lunch for me and my husband. I want to make more "gourmet" taste sandwich without spending too much money. I am looking for recipes and also things that I should keep in the fridge such as specific sauce or cheese. Any idea?

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  1. I don't know if this qualifies are gourmet, but one of my favorite sandwiches: soft bread slices, mayo, swiss, cucumber, avocado, salt and pepper, horseradish optional.

    homemade mayonnaise will spice up any sandwich. add garlic, or horseradish, or wasabi, for different flavors. or take jarred mayo and add a bit of mustard and lemon; not as good, but better.

    gruyere and havarti and good cheeses for sandwiches.

    1. I make sandwiches of homemade focaccia, the best ham I can get (short of Iberico), sliced aged fontina, and pickled onions. The focaccia gets slathered with mustard and/or mayonnaise or both, depending on the audience. The homemade focaccia keeps brilliantly in the freezer and thaws very quickly in an oven with a pilot light. The pickled onions, from the Zuni cookbook, are a snap to make and keep practically forever in the fridge.

      1. You might grill sandwiches once in a while, an ordinary turkey or ham (and of course, cheese) becomes special, maybe with a bit of mustard added inside. In this same theme, you can do a queso with the meat and cheese.

        I like just about any kind of cheese, from a creamy goat cheese or brie to an aged chedder or gouda. I usually keep a few chunks of cheese in the fridge for nibbling, and pretty much anything is good on a sandwich. With good full flavor cheeses, you need just a little.

        Another special treat is to mix some pesto with some mayonaise (or can even use plain yogurt if you are going to eat right away). I make big batches of pesto, and freeze in ice cube trays or spoonful size drops on plastic. Just thaw and mix with the mayo. There are lots of other ways to adulterate the mayonaise, think chipotle chili, etc (if you have a bit of strong flavored sauce from dinner leftover, save if it would go on sandwhich)

        If you have a herb garden or just some herbs left from cooking, throw in a few leaves. Basil is a favorite, but parsley and dill are good too.

        From the pantry, you can add roasted red peppers or marinated artichoke hearts, or green chili's if you like some heat.

        Egg salad sandwhiches have lots of options for gourmet touchs, as well as left-over chicken or turkey (but I like to start with home roasted meat, not deli meat).

        1. I like a grilled eggplant, roasted red pepper, fried egg, ham, gruyere, and thin slice of apple. Sounds weird, but it's very good!

          1. I second any kind of roasted veggie sandwich, with goat cheese, and maybe some fresh basil. Hummus can also be good on a sandwich.