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Feb 13, 2008 03:16 PM

Dinner for 20 execs in San Diego

I'm looking for a place for a group dinner (20 business execs) in San Diego area. Have access to transportation but don't want to go farther than 30 minutes away. We're all staying right by Qualcomm. I'd like to spend about $75-$95 per person. A private room would be nice, but not necessary. What are your thought about Georges at the Cove or Marine Room? Or do you have better suggestions? thanks!

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  1. George's has a nice private room, and is about 30-40 minutes from Qualcomm. Not sure if Marine Room has one. You can't go wrong w/ either choice, though if you're looking to include full meal (app, entree, dessert) and beverage in the per person cost, both places are probably going to exceed that budget.

    1. Prego Restorante in Mission Valley should be able to accomodate your group and it is near by Qualcomm Stadium. Prego serves pretty good italian food but not great, however, they do cater to business diners. If George's Cal. Modern is available then definitely try them. FWIW, a group of 20 is hard to accomodate in most high end restaurants Also try researching the restaurant in the Gaslamp District to see if they can accomodate your group.

      1. Downtown/Gaslamp, I'd suggest looking at the new Nobu, JSix or one of the steak restaurants (Flemings or The Palm), all of which I believe have private rooms. Oceanaire is good, but the private room is loud and cramped. If bars/entertainment after dinner is important, I'd head Downtown over La Jolla.

        1. Nine-Ten in La Jolla has a private room. George's at the Cove had 2-3 before the remodel. The larger ones easily sat 20. Donovan's Steak and Chop House in UTC has several private rooms that will easily seat 20. I believe Laurel in Banker's Hill has a private room and should easily seat 20. Roy's in UTC has private rooms, although sometimes it can get noisy if everyone is talking in there. Tapenade in La Jolla will do private functions for large parties, although I have not seen their private room. Fleming's Steakhouse in UTC has private rooms that seat 20.

          AR Valentien at the Torrey Pines Lodge in La Jolla has excellent food, nice quiet setting. I don't think they have a private room, but they may be able to work something out since it's in a hotel.

          If you're willing to go about 5 minutes north of La Jolla, Addison at the Grand Del Mar Hotel has private rooms, excellent food.

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            AR Valentien does have a lovely private room. A group of 10 of us did that last week, but they had a $100/person minimum. The room didn't seem large enough for 20. The food and service were awesome though.

          2. are you staying by qualcomm stadium in missiopn valley? or by the qualcomm corp. offices in sorrento valley? If you are up in sorrento valley another possibility is wine seller brassire.

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              Unfortunately, I'd have to say the last few times we were at the Winesellar and Brasserie, the food was underwhelming. If you're in Sorrento Valley, head just a tad further north for Market in Del Mar (although it recently got a beating for bad attitude, the food is still really good). Or Arterra in Carmel Valley, which does have a private room that holds about 20.

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                Forgot to add Cavaillon in the Santaluz area, if you're staying in the Sorrento Valley area. No private room, but they have great food and ambiance.

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                  I would seriously consider Nine Ten. They do have different private rooms, the food is very good and I never had bad service, although it can be a little green sometimes. I do not know if they charge a room fee or not. The Marine Room, Georges and a lot of other restaurants that were mentioned will certainly exceed your budget.
                  As far as the bad attitude at Market, I really do not understand where this is coming from. I dine there quite a bit and never had a problem. There is always 2 sides of the story. Working in the restaurant industry myself, I can tell you that I have seen guests posting bad reviews for things that were ridiculous such as waiting a long time for a table, only they forget to mention that they showed up with more guests than expected.... I don't know... one thing that need to be kept in perspective is that Market is a busy restaurant and while it is a beautiful thing, it can make their ability to accommodate any reservation at any time a little harder. While I am not saying that they are doing everything right, reading some of the complains about this restaurant just leaves me a little perplex...

                  1. re: jaysurf12

                    I guess you're talking about my comments, but you shouldn't be perplexed. I actually don't think I ever said I experienced a "bad attitude" - just "attitude." Actually, it's probably better described as "condescending attitude." It seems to me that you're overreacting a bit, probably based on the fact that you have a personal connection to the restaurant and the people who work there. I appreciate your need to vent about your experiences with your own restaurant, but speculating about other people's motives isn't really helpful. It's not always the customer's fault.

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                  Since Market wouldn't do a party of 9, I am guessing they probably won't do a party of 20 - that was actually the issue on the other post.

                  Arterra is a good call, they are definitely set up for a large group and though the atmosphere is a litte "sterile" the food is good. 910 and AR Valentien are also worth exploring. AR Valentien might even do a special menu or one of their market dinners.

                  If the poster is going to be in Mission Valley, there really isn't much super close-by worth mentioning. It would probably be better to go downtown or to La Jolla.

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                    whoops sorry to hear that about winesellar. have not been to dinner there for about 2 years, had lunch there a while ago and it was fine then. I would concur with arterra, they could easily handle a group of 20. If Addison is out of the price range, might consider amaya at the Grande. though it did get mixed reviews here. or the Argyle at the 4 seasons.