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Feb 13, 2008 03:12 PM

Zena's in Riverside

I have been to Zena's on Broad Street at Riverton Rd a few time over the last few weeks for breakfast and I have been very happy each time. The classic egg plate has perfectly done scrambled eggs-moist and firm with no browning at all.The homemade bread with it is great-and so are the croissants. All the bakery items are made on location and look great-I look forward to trying more. The pancakes are delicious and beautiful-real whipped cream and fresh fruit are standard. I like a good pancake and these are right up there. No bacon in the place though-wierd. The sausage is tasteless too-industrial patty. The place is nice looking but only about 8 tables.

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  1. I think Zena's is in Riverton NJ, not Riverside. I stopped there a couple of years ago and had a good sandwich.

    1. Zena's is in Riverton. Overpriced and inconvenient, but the service is lousy and the regulars are dreary.

      1. Zena's is in Riverton, NJ. I don't know when the last you've been there, but they have a lot more than 8 tables and expanding to the next building. They are now serving dinner on Friday and Saturday nights + live entertainment every other Saturday. I've met the owners and been in the kitchen. It's so clean that I could eat off the floor. Food is... I think you have to give it a shot. You won't regret.