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Feb 13, 2008 02:51 PM

New Yorker in Providence

A client of ours was just relocated to Providence and we would like to get her a gift certificate to a really nice restaurant. Don't know what types of cuisine they enjoy so I'm thinking modern american, steak, seafood or italian. Would like to spend $75-100pp including everything (tax, tip wine etc). Thanks for the help!

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  1. Hello Berna The most passionate chef in the state is Matt Genuso @ Chez Pascal.
    960 hope st. it will be an unbelievable experience. I call on the cream of the crop in Prov. so I feel I give solid advice.

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    1. re: Ichewonthis

      Thanks Ichewonthis! I just visited their website and wish I were going myself.

    2. Try Gracie's. If your client is a Manhattanite, she will appreciate the fine cuisine, wine selection, ambiance and service.

      1. I highly recommend Chez Pascal. I took my wife there for our last three anniverseries and have enjoyed all three immensley...

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          We've had a far more consistently pleasurable experience dining at Chez Pascal than at Gracie's over the past couple years. Don't really know what other place to suggest either. Chez Pascal it is!

          1. re: madgee

            Plenty of places that are fine and great besides Chez Pascal. Don't get the lionization of CP here - it's a solid place for dinner but not head and shoulders about La Laiterie, New Rivers, Gracie's (my mileage has differed - as relatively recent transplants from San Francisco, the overall Gracie's experience and food resonated more fully with us than CP), and other places that have been listed on this board over and over.

            1. re: jsd

              I personally love La Laiterie but it's informal feel would keep me from making it a "gift certificate for a client" sorta place. Gracie's can be great, but it can also be uneven.

        2. Siena on Federal Hill would be my choice.