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Feb 13, 2008 02:38 PM

Texas de Brazil (Orlando)

I get the concept of this restaurant and I am wondering what the prices are like. Also, if you have eating here, would you return?

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  1. I believe it's $42 for dinner and $20 for lunch (where they offer most, but not all, of the same selections from dinner). Not cheap, but it is all-you-can-eat, with very high-quality food and lavish, decadent surroundings. I've been there before and always recommend it highly. However, I wouldn't bother to bring non-meat eaters or people who naturally don't eat a lot, since they won't get their money's worth.

    Also, if you go to and sign up for their mailing list, they send you regular e-mails with valuable coupons (buy one/get one free deals and the like).

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    1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

      Wow, Big Bad, We love to go here in Miami....Thanks for the email list tip-it will help us be able to go more often!

      1. re: kmills9408

        That is a great tip BBVL.....I've been on their list for quite a while....and they do indeed send out very nice coupons that make you want to go back....I regularly entertain large groups of customers there who are from out of town and they absolutely go crazy as it's such a novelty to out-of-towners.....I know they get knocked on here because they're a 'chain'....but what the the big deal is the food is good....and it's consistently good there.....


        1. re: LargeLife

          If you don't want to spend that kind of cash you can save about $20 by driving to Lake Mary and go to Astural. Basically the same concept. I have had folks tell me it is better than Texas De Brazil but I have yet to find out!

          1. re: mountdorahound

            I've been both and, while I enjoyed Astrural, the food isn't nearly as plentiful or as amazing. I'd pay extra and go for Texas de Brazil.

            1. re: rudykins

              My friends and I really love Steak in the City in Altamonte Springs, an Argentinian steakhouse with a fixed-price, all-you-can-eat deal similar to TdB. Steak in the City is much cheaper, though: about $20 per person at dinner, and that includes a drink as well -- soda, wine, or a nice big glass of beer. However, you line up to get the meat from the grill area, rather than having gauchos bring it to your table. The people there are exceptionally nice and friendly and will happily cook requests to order, and they also offer some nice exotic goodies like morcilla (blood sausage) and sweetbreads. Steak in the City has an expansive Mediterranean salad bar as well, included in the price.

              That said, I think the food at Texas de Brazil is a little better than Steak in the City, so it's well worth it if you go in for lunch or with coupons to save some money. I do like and recommend both places, though.

              1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                Steak in the City has closed its doors.

                    1. re: rudykins

                      The website is still up, and my buddy's wedding rehearsal dinner (in May) is still booked there.

                      1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                        I don't know what to tell you. Scott Josephs ran the news in his column a couple of weeks ago. I just called the restaurant and the phone didn't work. I got a message saying, "The number you dialed is not permitted." It worked fine when I called a couple of months ago. Your buddy may want to look into finding a new venue.

                        1. re: rudykins

                          rudykins, thank you so much for the heads-up on Steak in the City. My friend and I did a "drive-by" tonight, and they are indeed out of business. He paid a deposit, and nobody ever contacted him about this -- if not for you telling me, he might not have found out for weeks. He's pretty disappointed, but they're already making other plans for the rehearsal dinner.

                          I wonder what happened. Do you recall if Joseph's column offered a reason for the closing, or any other information?

                          1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                            No there was no additional information at all.

                            1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                              He gave no other info. I in fact had a (bad) review on it scheduled for a recent column in Orlando Magazine and had to pull the article and do an "emergency" review of another restaurant days before we shipped to the printer! The restaurant was downright awful when I was there, and I later heard that long-time Steak in the City lovers felt the quality had slipped. It's awful that they didn't contact your friend and refund his deposit.

      2. We have been twice, with friends. Back when we used to eat a lot - I really enjoyed the Fred Flintstone-ness of all the meat. The salad bar had really fantastic options, the ginormous wheel of PARM that you hack at with a knife...I kept thinking they were going to come up behind me "Ma'am, step away from the cheese!!"
        they had sushi too, but I don't remember trying it. The table gets plaintains, something green and these fascinating tiny, buttery rolls that I ate too many of. Wear your best stretchy pants if you intend to indulge..... (I posted before that their coffee is TERRIBLE) - great service too, and they have a neat wine room towards the middle of the place.

        Coke was served in cute little bottles (no free fill-me-ups!) and I believe they had chimchurri sauce available.
        (I'm trying to remember details for you)

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        1. re: Boccone Dolce

          I just went to the one in miami and I have to say that I enjoyed the experience. Their salad bar is lacking compared to others but they get extra credit on the meat as you can choose your temp (I like mine rare), which is unusual for rodizios. The caipirinias were solid. Desserts were ok. Coffee as you said was terrible. All in all, not the best of the bunch, but a solid choice and no reason to leave Miami Beach now if I have a rodizio craving.

          Btw the bread you had is actually cheese bread (I believe it is called Pao com queso in brazil), a brazillian fixture that you will find at every rodizio you go to. Everybody loves cheese bread :).

        2. Sorry to interrupt the love fest here... if you've never had Guacho style meats you will probably like this place... if you are already initiated... i will just say that I've tried this style of cooking at various Argentinian & Brazilian places in L.A., Mexico City and Lima... and Texas de Brazil was the least delicious I've had so far... just to consider.

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          1. re: Eat_Nopal

            Have you found anyplace better than Texas de Brazil in Orlando?

            1. re: Eat_Nopal

              Nopal, let's be realistic. Orlando is still "growing up" when it comes to food. I'm glad I'm here to experience the growth. But like Rudy says, "have you had better in Orlando?" and I do miss the Rodizios in the 40's in NYC. Heck even Greenfield's on Northern BLVD in Queens.

              To answer the original question, Lou got the price right and the E-club gives decent coupons (% off or BOGO) and invites (some free and some w/ a charge) to wine and cheese tastings. The salad bar boasts 40 items, but that includes a bunch of different kinds of cheese and olives.
              The plantain (banana) side dish is to cleanse your palate between the meaty goodness.