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Dec 17, 2001 02:03 PM

The Worst-CatBar&Grill

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To be avoided at all cost!! Catalina Bar and Grill in Hollywood. Food-horrible(lobster ravioli was disgusting)
Service-BAD! Management will TELL YOU TO LEAVE if you dare speak during the show-you are to eat in total silence. They serve the food while the band plays.
My party of 6 DARED TO TALK, amongst ourselves-'they' threatened TO CALL THE POLICE if we did not stop. Bill was over $500. It was humiliating and insulting.
I will never go back, and intend to disdain CATB&G to all.

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  1. Well, if you're the kind of people who insist on talking amongst yourselves while most of the people have come to listen to the music (it IS a jazz club, after all), it's probably just as well that you won't be returning.

    Bet you're fun to sit behind at a movie, as well.

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    1. re: TE

      There was a time when jazz clubs were not churches. People went to drink, talk, hear some tunes. This is evident from virtually any live nightclub recording from the fifties and sixties. Now an appalling, worshipful hush falls over the audience as soon as the musicians take the stage. Not always, though. Largely black audiences still seem to be able to enjoy jazz music. I do hope the big trombonist weighs in.

      1. re: Samo
        Richard Gould-Saltman

        I gotta weigh in with the majority on this one.

        Yeah, there was a time when major cities supported several venues for jazz players of national caliber; but Los Angeles has been hard-pressed to support more than one-and-a-half at a time for about 20 yrs. Right now, we have two; Catalina, which has a liquor license and a dinner menu, and Jazz bakery, which has neither.
        Food's better at catalina than at the old Lighthouse, and than it was at Hop Singh's, too. (Anyone EVER eat at the Parisian Room? Did they have food?)

        I cannot imagine that anyone was required to sit in absolute silence there (I've been several times), or
        that anyone owuld have said anything unless your conversational level was bugging someone (including the musicians). I also know people who've played there, and the flip side of the really good room acoustics is that the band can hear you, as well as you can hear them. So, if someone's playing softly, and you're maintaining a conversation at a stage-side seat, it's really annoying, and rude, too.

        So, you wanna eat wonderful food, go to Pinot. However, don't expect to sit six feet from Chick Corea while he's playing on a freshly tuned Steinway, if you go there...


        1. re: Richard Gould-Saltman

          Never ate at the Parisian room, just drank it all in, liquid wise and aurally, that was plenty to get my teeth around. Never ate at Donte's, Jimmy Smith's Supper Club, The Lighthouse, Shelly's Mann-Hole, Concerts By The Sea either, but I sure got my fill of jazz. Alas, those *were* the good old days.

      2. re: TE

        I dunno how fun it is to eat in total silence. I've been to movie theaters that serve you a meal, and you watch movies at the tables....its not fun. I'm not a stickler for dinner shows for that reason. The few jazz places I have been to with food, people were chatting at very low levels...added to the ambiance of the performance....its not a freakin' concert hall.

      3. m
        michael (mea culpa)

        The point is you don't go to Catalina's for the food. You go for the chance to hear jazz up close. Where else are you going to see the likes of Kenny Barron, Jane Monheit, Diane Reeves, Kenny Garrett, even Bobby Short, et al., in such an intimate setting for a reasonable price? What would the air fare be to get to this alternate location?

        1. Having "dinner" at a jazz club, is that like ordering a big juicy steak at a Chinese restaurant? Do you also expect good food in restaurants that revolve on the top of buildings?

          1. Just curious...why did you and your party go there if you intended on chatting during the act instead of listening to them, which is the reason I've always gone there.

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            1. re: Patrick D.
              michael (mea culpa)

              Just curious...why did you and your party go there if you intended on chatting during the act instead of listening to them, which is the reason I've always gone there.>>

              If only the act had been Peggy Lee singing "Is that all there is?"