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Help -- good lunch spot in Alameda?

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I'm going to be in Alameda tomorrow, and I'd love some recommendations on where to take my guests for lunch. I've been to La Pinata, Acapulco, and Sushi House and a few other places. But surely there's something more interesting and delicious for lunch in Alamdeda. All suggestions and recommendations are welcome! Thanks.

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  1. East Ocean on Webster St. for dim sum

    1. Speisekammer (German) on Lincoln & Park?

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        Speisekammer's nice for a celebration lunch.

        2424 Lincoln Ave, Alameda, CA 94501

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          Speisekammer is awesome! Great beer and tasty food. The potato pancakes with apple sauce were good, as well as the grilled pork chop.

        2. How about Asena? It's Turkish-Influenced Mediterranean, which makes it a little more "interesting." I haven't been there for a while, but it's always been good (not fabulous, but good).

          Asena Restaurant
          2508 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda, CA 94501

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            A second for Asena. I've had lunch there many times - not in several years, but it was always good, as you say.

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              Thank you all. Speisekammer looks very interesting -- too bad it's not open for lunch on Thursdays! Anyway, I'm going to suggest both Asena and Pappo to my friends...and I'll report back.

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                Pappo was excellent! We all really enjoyed it. I had a Niman Ranch skirt steak salad, which was outstanding. Their house-baked rolls were delicious, too. Thanks for the recommendation, foodeye.